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Cinema4D Tutorial Pack

Written by daniel on 9. February 20:37

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. Information.
02. The Guides.
03. Credits.

01. Information
The first Cinema 4D tutoral pack from stevester. Click on one of the tutorials to stream.

02. The Guides

- Introduction -

- Lesson 1 - Animation
- Lesson 2 - Pipeline
- Lesson 3 - Materials
- Lesson 4 - Lighting
- Lesson 5 - Grass Dynamics
- Lesson 6 - Xpresso part 1
- Lesson 6 - Xpresso part 2 & 3
- Lesson 6 - Xpresso part 4
- Lesson 6 - Xpresso part 5
- Lesson 7 - Bonus Lesson - Hair Again

03. Credits
Guide by stevester1
Banner by andreas

It might take a couple of minutes for the guides to load.

©2007 Style-Productions and Steven Como
#26stevester 21. February 2007 22:56
#25 wtf are you talking about lolll....
#27s0nkite* 22. February 2007 08:23
dude i know 1 thing , that big companies are using maya or 3ds or xsi or something but c4d is out of discusion
#28stevester 22. February 2007 16:00
you would be surprised how many companies use cinema 4d for motion graphics, but its true, for movies its not as much used
#29s0nkite* 25. February 2007 20:14
I saw a few tutorials and feutures you are its very nice for motion graphics and a very nice programm too, but i ll stick to 3ds :)
#30stevester 26. February 2007 03:51
hey i never said theres anything wrong with max, all on the contrairy sonk., I love using max for pflow, aburn, vray and some other plugins that just make it worth wild, but when it comes to motion graphics I see no reason to go to max, and if only for the renderring (to use MR or Vray), then you could create it in C4D and export the obj sequence. anyways.
#31FarmerJoe Style-Productions 27. February 2007 01:55
Haha! The allready classic ( and DAMN old ) Max vs C4D fight is on again! Damn, we will be doing this in our graves if we don't stop it now, so i won't say a thing. Love u steve



max rules
#32stevester 28. February 2007 15:25
damn you farmerjoe, ill be drinking ur blood with slize one day. ill be drinking out of vengence, he will be drinking out of fun, cuz hes a sick fuck.
#33slize Elegato 9. March 2007 14:40
#32 shame on you !!!!! :(((( I wanna drink some kamikadze with you man .

Today i;m going to the cinema to see The Grudge 2 , steve meet me in a/the toilet . I'll be there ( READY ! )
#34stevester 12. March 2007 01:37
jesus slize... lol
#35raIDerPL 7. June 2007 10:06
zomg its taking years to load :(

im from can to cause im just that cool right steve?
#36raIDerPL 7. June 2007 10:08
acually, for example, cinema4D was used to make "open season" movie and that monster house cartoon(movie) and prob some more.
#37stevester 24. June 2007 16:53
#36, it was also used on doom3 and spiderman3, its widely used, especially for bodypaint
#38chiconet 3. January 2008 08:03
Truthly Awesome,. =D
#39styyle dreq-media 11. March 2008 18:27
Could you please do a tutorial about how to do a 3D Bullet? that would be really great =D i know there is a tutorial for Autodesk's program, but it doesnt work on my computer so can somebody do a tutorial for 4D? :)
#40slize Elegato 27. January 2009 01:27
Video Copilot - The Bullet
#41aeonx 4. August 2009 10:57
How can i download the tutorials. i hate looking at in my browser +__+
#42Rafkik1 4. April 2011 19:55
You're the best man
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