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Mirv Demo Tool - Matte Effects

Written by pava on 14. October 20:34

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. Information.
02. The Guide.
03. Credits.

01. Information
This is a video guide that will show you how to use Matte Effects with Mirv Demo Tool.

02. The Guide
Download here:
Primary Mirror

03. Credits
Guide by daniel
Banner by elegant

Note! Do NOT use this tool online, might get you banned.

©2006 Style-Productions and Daniel Nielsen
#51herk 22. December 2006 16:27
when i start this program and then start CS, this is coming "injection failed" !
#52iMpY 29. December 2006 10:42
#53ail 23. January 2007 19:03
Can i have another back colour then RGB? If i can what is the code for white then?
#54Linnet 30. January 2007 21:47
The installation is dangerous 4 my computer my fire-wall said:/.. does it exist any other program like that? THX
#55daniel Style-Productions 8. February 2007 21:47
Not to my knowledge there isn't.

No, sorry. Guess you have to disable your firewall/anit-virus if you want to use it.
#56H-L 25. March 2007 14:43
is it possible to have tracking on (for cool camera movements) and split stream(so i only see the model and only see the map with splitstream3 i think right?)
#57daniel Style-Productions 20. April 2007 18:57
Try and you will find out
#58unsr 3. May 2007 11:17
trojan.Mygot detected in *.exe file...
#59gonelogic gone studios 28. July 2007 19:59
What is the code to have white colour?

*EDIT* White colour = 255 255 255

Last changed: 28. July 2007 20:07
#60OobyDoob pK Productions 28. August 2007 23:19
can you please reupload this the primary mirror is corrupt and the secondary mirror no longer exists.
#61sHkzm 30. August 2007 15:43
i can only change my setcolor to black for some reason no matter what numbers i put in =/

Last changed: 30. August 2007 15:58
#62sHkzm 9. September 2007 06:19
any help on that? ^ ^ ^ ^ =/
#63SveShayS WanTed Movies 22. October 2007 01:56
MAN!! plzz help PLzz show whit screen shots or lil movie hot to istall this shit :D plzz :( sry for my bad english
#64SveShayS WanTed Movies 22. October 2007 02:07
i Need Steam To Lounch This Program?
#65chunyuha Kuax 5. December 2007 12:06
OMG its cool!

thx daniel :)
#66FLAG 22. December 2007 15:30
hi !!! i have an error winzip ... i can 't open the guide
do you have an other url for dl this guide in a .rar ? thx to help me ! (sry for my bad english)
#67rakoth 14. January 2008 18:54
Allah akbar yankies! Bush PIF PAF! TANKI, PESTIKI, AVTOMATI!
#68rakoth 14. January 2008 18:57
#69Forsaken921 12. March 2008 06:44
Nice!!! Good job Daniel
#70Forsaken921 12. March 2008 06:46
Za 4TO Tbl ux TAK rakoth ???
#71kvirre 30. September 2008 23:37
dude the first mirror dosen't work:/
#72exentic grindmore media 8. December 2008 17:48
great tut. but cant use it, cuz off a fkin dem bug. if i spec, like a ct the model is invisible :S
#73kvirre 18. January 2009 15:23
I get kind of crasy because i cant get my backround to be green. It stays black when i starta mirv_movie_splitstreams 3 and the 2 others to. Please can somebody help me with this. I've tried all things even looking for the color codes but that dosent even work...
#74snikenyo 6. July 2009 12:57
#75joo 13. August 2009 14:04
i can't do downloading secondary mirror :S
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