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Resizing - Step by step

Written by daniel on 7. October 17:18

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

00. Introduction.
01. Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub.
02. Filter resize.
03. Resolution and aspect ratio.
04. You’re done.
05. Misc.

00. Introduction
It has and still is a lot of confusion concerning resizing with CS movies, so I thought I could clarify the steps once and for all.

Let’s say you’re working with 1280x960 (4:3 aspect ratio) or 1280x720 (16:9 aspect ratio) as source. You can either choose to resize before you start editing or do the resizing as the last step for your movie.

In either way you choose; you have to have all your clips/movie rendered as uncompressed/lossless all the way otherwise you will lose quality.

01. Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub
Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub.

02. Filter resize
Take Video -> Filters -> Add -> Select Resize -> Ok

03. Resolution and aspect ratio
This step depends on the resolution on your clips/movies and what resolution you want. It’s very important to keep the same aspect ratio if you do not want your video to look stretched.

First make sure you have Lanczos3 as “Filter Mode”. And as for resolution, you can either take one of the resolutions beneath or find your own within the same aspect ratio.

Some of the most common resolutions:
1280x960 which has 4:3 in aspect ratio could for example be resized to 1152x864, 1024x768, 960x720, 800x600 without loosing aspect ratio.
(1280/960 = 1.33, 960/720 = 1.33 i.e. same aspect ratio)

1280x720 which has 16:9 in aspect ratio could be resized to 960x540, 800x450 without loosing aspect ratio.
(1280/720 = 1.77, 960/540 = 1.77 i.e. same aspect ratio)

04. You’re done
For clips: Save as uncompressed/lossless Avi.
For final render: Save with the final codec and settings you want.

05. Misc
So what about 960x600, isn’t it 4:3 or 16:9?
960x600 has 8:5 (16:10) in aspect ratio so if this is the aspect ratio you want, you have to find out a resolution that has 8:5 (16:10) in aspect ratio in CS, crop your original source or sacrifice quality by resizing a 4:3 / 16:9 source to 3:2.

You can find more information about aspect ratio here:

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#26ducA ExhaustivePictures 30. December 2006 03:31
because the lowest resolution before changing some minor things is 960x600 in cs widescreen
848x480 is also 16:9 720x480 is 16:10
#27ninteh 30. August 2007 00:42
I've always used 960x600 because I play in that res lol, Widescreen 22" 16:10 lel.
#28RISKOR 18. January 2008 06:19
yeah NICE ;)
#29juggaknot Airwalk Media 21. April 2008 21:19
the pictures are from CM tutorial
#30destruktor Authentic-Pictures 20. May 2009 15:21
nice tut ty
#31breakz 29. October 2009 20:46
what is the cause for somebody wanna resize a CS film? does it help the quality?
#32Dec HLAE 1. August 2014 14:34
#31 It does help, though it's very minor. Textures and objects farther away will be slightly sharper.

Compare these two images: 960x540 vs. 960x540 (Resized from 1920x1080)

For more in-depth reference:
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