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Mémoires of Virtus Pro Released!

Written by r on 5. March 2019 17:59

#1Dec HLAE 5. March 2019 18:12
Download link now? :D
#2gunn ZU Productions 5. March 2019 18:36
|- What Dec said :D
#3jBR0MZ Pringles 5. March 2019 18:53
DL link pl0x
#4r Style-Productions 5. March 2019 19:29
I'll upload just for you Style people.  But will wait a day or two.  We were vultured during the Eo17 release when we uploaded physical copy of the movie and someone threw it up on another streaming site.
#5h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 5. March 2019 20:26
Movie was gut
#6jBR0MZ Pringles 6. March 2019 08:52

Last changed: 6. March 2019 08:53
#7juggaknot Airwalk Media 9. March 2019 12:12
I added a comment on youtube.
#8r Style-Productions 9. March 2019 16:05
Lovely input as always, juggaknot.
#9pray Kyoto 10. March 2019 23:31
Amazing use of music, sync and commentators. Love how it just all blends together so well in the edit.
Just gives you that delicous Perfetto flavor. 
I always wonder how much time it takes you to just find these singular pistol shots that fit perfectly to the beat / melody. It's always amazing to look at.

Last changed: 10. March 2019 23:31
#10r Style-Productions 10. March 2019 23:38
Hey buddy! Lovely compliment from you as always. Appreciate it. Those singular pistol shots simply come down to being picky and detailed.  Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I spend all day looking for that right clip. Most times it's the latter :-P good to see you again!
#11jBR0MZ Pringles 11. March 2019 00:21
Amazing work Anthony :D Absolutely loved the movie!
Thought I would give my 2 cents on it:

What I loved:
Transitions as usual :D and some really innovative new ones!
Great song choice (first one was insane, had the perfect pump for a fast paced fragshow)
Great frags and editing, love the slo mo music syncs with gunshots etc

What I think could be improved(?):
The coloring felt slightly darker, didnt really have that golden look previous movies had, which was just perfect imo.
Intro was very long, mabye interlace with some frags inbetween shots?
Not a fan of the shaky cam slides
Felt like the FoV should be lower in the camera angles.
Edit: also couldve EQ'd the crowd noice to cut through better on the Byali clip, it got kinda muffled.

#12r Style-Productions 11. March 2019 00:32
Cheers, Bromz. Thanks for the watching and I appreciate you joining in on the discussion!
#13jBR0MZ Pringles 11. March 2019 00:35
Btw anthony now that this ones done, whats next? EO2018?:DD
#14r Style-Productions 11. March 2019 00:45
Most likely not. Niklas and Daniel haven't edited for a year and have no intention of doing so in the near future.  Echoes of 2018 is a huge undertaking for one person, which I don't have the time to commit to.  I have other projects in mind though. We'll see
#15jBR0MZ Pringles 11. March 2019 01:36
#16JJz 11. March 2019 19:09
Now I've had a chance to see this movie, at last. Great job Anthony! I left some feedback on the movie page in case you're interested in hearing it.

Last changed: 11. March 2019 19:10
#17r Style-Productions 11. March 2019 19:47
Great man!  Thanks for joining the the conversation!  And thanks for watching!

Last changed: 11. March 2019 20:06
#18jBR0MZ Pringles 12. March 2019 18:53
Still no DL link :(
#19mao 17. March 2019 22:12
amazing work, kept me entertained the whole movie, I didnt want it to end, that speaks volumes I think. 10/10
#20r Style-Productions 19. March 2019 04:49
lovely to hear, mao.  thanks!
#21SavagE 19. March 2019 22:48
Late to the party, but here we go:

1:58 whoa that GIGN transition came out of nowhere! :D Tho it lead to a camera that showed the logo on some ugly-ass background
2:02 BAM! THats how you open a movie!
2:25 transition slows down the action too much 
2:28 love that pain indicator synced
2:35 now isnt that a Perfetto-syncing!
2:48 fuck me sideways! Rewinded this like 5 times [actually wanted to make a whole film around bodies hitting the floor once ^^]
3:04 sheeeeeeit
3:16 thats how i like em, from the deep! 

good music transition!

3:45 not a fan of this transition, not sure what purpose it serves
3:49 much better! great buildup for great spray
[great spectator sfx]
4:11 damn these 'hard clan' drop transitions never get old
4:29 pump it up, son! AWESOME use of live clip - shame its just this one!
4:38 great transition, syncing and another transition!
4:54 KA-BLAM! THats how you sync a suppressed pistol! [also: great use of commentary!]
5:05 like that transition and frag a lot
5:31 nice syncing, son!

Not a big fand of the third track but love the avengers-like effect :D

Overall great job! Second fragpart is significantly better than the first one, has more power, better tempo and music - kinda wish you used Cant Kill Us instead of Skullclub. I think that combination would belong better together (plus I like Cant Kill Us moar :D)

9/10 Leaves great... memoires ;D 

And where's that download link? Trying to get it on RapidShare or something? ;)

Last changed: 19. March 2019 22:57
#22xyanide Style-Productions 26. April 2019 12:13
Decent movie I guess.
#23r Style-Productions 26. April 2019 18:11
This shit sucks. Where's echoes of 2018?
#24jBR0MZ Pringles 4. May 2019 01:07
still waiting for DL link boi
#25gunn ZU Productions 7. June 2019 07:52
Found on tiwtter:
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