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How do you capture clips in CS?

Fraps (15.8% with 3 votes)

Startmovie (78.9% with 15 votes)

Other (Comment) (5.3% with 1 votes)

#1atwspoon 6. April 2015 19:01
I still clip 1.6 though... I don't even know if csgo has startmovie :x
#2xyanide Style-Productions 6. April 2015 19:08
I started out with startmovie, then I found fraps and made one movie with it. It lagged so much because of my shitty computer so I switched back to startmovie and kept with it until now. I now use fraps again because I'm lazy and my computer can handle it :P
#3r Style-Productions 6. April 2015 22:50
startmovie forever and always
#4shiz 7. April 2015 00:16
startmovie / mirv_recordmovie

1.6 ofcourse

Last changed: 7. April 2015 00:16
#5spEnc Dead and Buried 7. April 2015 22:13
I use dxtory, similar to fraps, but not a cpu eater!
#6cZF Style-Productions 8. April 2015 11:20
Not that I'm capping anything these days, but I'd be too OCD to trust a program like fraps not to drop any frames, so I guess I'd go with good ol' startmovie, too :p
#7Dec HLAE 8. April 2015 11:49
HLAE :D? I guess that counts as startmovie.
#8akidos Style-Productions 8. April 2015 12:09
frapserino (lazy)
#9destruktor Authentic-Pictures 12. April 2015 18:58
#6 the legend has spoken
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How do you capture clips in CS?

Other (Comment)

How do you capture clips in CS?
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