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Moviemaking For Beginners

Written by daniel on 30. November 17:46

01. Information
02. The Guide
03. Credits

01. Information
In this tutorial, I want to show you how to make a good movie from head to toe. This tutorial is about quality and not editing, you cannot learn how to be creative. The tutorial was made for beginners but any moviemaker can learn from it...

02. The Guide

03. Credits
Guide by juGGaKNot
Banner by ripieces

©2008 Tudorache Stefan
#1slize Elegato 30. November 2008 17:59
great job Juggaknot : )
#2h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 30. November 2008 18:13
greeat :)
#3spunge spunge 30. November 2008 20:14
someone whos made a few good movies should make a guide, not the technical stuff just a general movie making article..

theres loads of encoding/capturing guides but i think people miss the point of movie making or how to make decent movies, from a creative pov
#4dniafiso opima 2. December 2008 16:44
you are right spunge!
#5gamerpwr 2. December 2008 18:58
Best guide ever, after reading this anyone can make movies with the best quality, I really liked your cfg, tho i edited it a bit to make it fit me better =) Thanks
#6juggaknot Airwalk Media 3. December 2008 10:21
Sorry i am not creative, i am a machine.

there are 100.000 articles, this is very general and it has all steps

quality, configuration, basic HLAE, advance HLAE, vdub, vegas setting, encoding setting uploading etc etc

it also has the 2 audio track stuff that every movie should have.

editing .. you can try to learn it yourself without worrying about other stuff, its all here

Last changed: 3. December 2008 10:34
#7Skyfox CyberArt Pictures 4. December 2008 11:34
Dude, awesome work !
#8Kacki Smaafolk 4. December 2008 16:44
#9Kacki Smaafolk 4. December 2008 21:41
Got to ask this: What resolution do you use? 1280x720? or 960x600?
#10atwspoon 7. December 2008 15:27
#6 EXACTLY my point, newbies should not have to worry about that, they should just pump out their high quality terribly edited movies to us, so they are at least pretty right? lol :D
#11juggaknot Airwalk Media 7. December 2008 18:08
now i use 768x480 or 1024x640

16:10 resolutions for LCD's

+ real easy to crop to 16:9 ( 768x432 and 1024x576 ) for LCD TV's

960x600 is also 16:10 but not a multiple of 16 so you have to crop to 960x592 and it is not 16:10

+ non 16 resolutions loose colors ( i found this out about 4 days ago on doom9 forum )

Last changed: 7. December 2008 18:09
#12Kacki Smaafolk 7. December 2008 21:11
Ok. You don't use Widrescreen?
#13wanex 9. December 2008 06:13
wow.. great job
#14juggaknot Airwalk Media 16. December 2008 10:07
i do but 16:10 not LCD-TV 16:9

1024x640 :D
#15juggaknot Airwalk Media 7. January 2009 21:49
Updated the demo conversion part with a video tutorial on how to do it by hand.
#16gr8est 7. February 2009 06:43
last night i tried to use this guide. i installed everything. but then i tried to play cs and it was all messed up with a metallica skin and music playing, couldnt hear footsteps or anything.. how could i reverse this?
#17Christian Style-Productions 11. February 2009 23:05
Ask juGGaKNot...
#18Oleg 13. February 2009 23:19
#19juggaknot Airwalk Media 17. February 2009 21:05
delete the steamapps/steamaccount folder and play.
#20J1m0 23. February 2009 03:33
Thanks a lot guys i've learned a lot with this guide. Greetings from Chile.
#21omenammm 9. March 2009 10:35
I cant read that. Why not? When I press guidelinks, it doesn't do anything.
#22Vicious 13. March 2009 00:14
Is there an alternative download for juGGaKNot's moviemaking pack? The link in the guide wont download for me, it stops after like 2 seconds on the rare occasion it does work =(
#23wute bankai media 13. March 2009 00:34
v good indeed ty
#24curan 15. March 2009 17:58
yea, the mirror isn't that good, unfortunately ;/
#25Maxel 17. March 2009 13:59
Have the same problem as Vicious! Cant download those files. it starts to download but after few sec it stops loading

Last changed: 17. March 2009 15:26
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