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In-depth: 3D Space

Written by cZF on 24. April 18:44

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. Information.
02. The Guide.
03. Credits.

01. Information

Running time: 50 minutes 40 seconds
File size: 41 MB

Topics covered in this guide:
- 3D Space Basic Axis
- Papers in Space
- The Z Factor
- Spinning in 3D
- The Hidden Z Scale Effect
- Anchors & Offsets
- 3D views:

Active camera
Orthographic Views
Custom Views

- Multiple Comp View
- Moving in Space
- Spin vs Twirl
- The Smart Way to Work
- Auto-Orient Along 3D Path
- Rendering 2D & 3D Layers
- Intersecting Planes
- Z Depth vs Scale
- Axis Modes:


Statement by Kindred:
Now that you are all masters of Keyframes and know how to navigate in AE, I will jump into a subject that is widely mysterious. This tutorial is sort of an introduction to one of my favorite, and highly asked for, aspect of AE; 3D Cams. Before we get into those great virtual cameras, a solid foundation is in order. One doesn't just jump into 3D cams blindly; he needs to understand how 3D itself works within After Effects. An intro based on the tutorial's content will be done from now on.
With that being said, enjoy the tutorial.

The Read me:
The read me file contains the list of topics with the time for each topic covered and the contact information.

02. The Guide
Download here:
Mirror 1 (Style-Productions)

03. Credits
Guide by Kindred
Banner by Andreas

©2007 Style-Productions and John Kindred
#1h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 24. April 2007 18:54
Really really helpfull, I am newbie in AE... So, thank you very much :)
#2Hildesheimer 24. April 2007 19:10
Nice one again, good job ;)
#3s0nkite* 24. April 2007 19:13
If i hadnt see some training DVDs you would be my god :D
#4zeun panCake 24. April 2007 19:17
Kindred has had some interesting stuff. I need to check this out too ; )
#5fsk Style-Productions 24. April 2007 20:31
Awesome as hell, keep 'em comin' Kindred
#6aTomic 24. April 2007 21:07
wow really nice impressed but when does style fail to bring great tutorials !
#7kindred F-ProductionZ 25. April 2007 01:44
thanks for the feedback. I'll start giving more mirrors for my next tutorials. FF isnt always good.
#8entrion Guido Westerwelle 25. April 2007 17:32
Once again, good job.
#9Dec HLAE 25. April 2007 18:54
Nice :>
#10errzy errormedia 25. April 2007 20:23
let me c my friend <:

keep up the good work m8 :] []
#11Adaption Slyder Media 26. April 2007 16:12
you guys are doing an incredible work, keep it up! looking forward for your next tutorials in 3D \ Visual Effects :) thanks.
#12Sobler 26. April 2007 20:58
you are simply the greatest. Seriously. Love your tutorials
#13shnider 27. April 2007 15:39
thx for tut
#14Jksu 5. May 2007 18:55
N1, thats nice tutorial. Good job Style Productions! :)
#15fixN 6. July 2007 15:47
link2 doesn't works :-s
#16xaRioo 12. July 2007 19:39
hahaha:P "I know u all saw the camera and u were like, HOLY F*CK, cancel quickly!"
#17Deam adMovies 16. July 2007 17:52
Hey, I just wanted to say that i have big problems when it comes to downloading these files.. I managed to download timestrecht, reverse and blend, but non of the other files. And actually, I do think that the things u are showing in these guides are impossible to do.. Hehe. I don't understand why the things u explain here does not work. It would be nice if one of u from style productions could finish my fragmovie though :p
#18ask0LD 22. September 2007 17:29
upload again plz!!!!
#19kindred F-ProductionZ 16. November 2007 00:32
k imma upload all of them again to FF for now
Also adM, The things I show is theory and basics and gradually move on to a more in depth understanding of the specific aspect of AE. If you cant do them, contact me on through PM and we'll check out what the problem is :)
#20hydrax 20. November 2007 04:28
Your hilarious, Amazing tutorial mate
#21snoobzor 24. April 2008 20:23
link 2 dead!

other ftp please? *-*
#22TnT 13. June 2008 15:58
hey.. can u plz supply another link.. these ones aren't working.
#23TiguaN 20. June 2008 20:03
fix ;[
#24camocspro 18. December 2008 01:47
please fixx links :(
#25Christian Style-Productions 6. August 2009 18:51
added new link!
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