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Animated Chrome Text

Written by daniel on 6. February 19:57

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. Information.
02. The Guide.
03. Credits.

01. Information
This is a video guide that will show you the basics of Text Animation in 3Ds max.

02. The Guide
Download here:
Primary Mirror

03. Credits
Guide and Banner by FarmerJoe

Note! This guide was made to teach you the basics and not to give you a good-looking text by just repeating the steps.

©2007 Style-Productions and Sebastian Persson
#1pava Style-Productions 6. February 2007 19:59
This is the first in a series of tutorials from joe.
#2-IcemaN- Slyder Media 6. February 2007 20:00
nice, looking forward :D
#3Aulie panCake 6. February 2007 20:21
Love everything but what the text said:P
"I love Pava"...LoL^^
#4context panCake 6. February 2007 20:48
NIce :D
#5aTomic 6. February 2007 20:49
It's a good tutorial.

Last changed: 7. February 2007 22:08
#6rich hillbillyjunkies 7. February 2007 00:33
If I ever wake up on a saturday morning with a used condom in my butt I want the results to say it's FarmerJoe's cum in it!

Really nice guide, you really assume everyone knows nothing, which is the best way to think when to make a tutorial or a documentary =)
Very informative and professional, even though you put in a little fun in it!
#7stevester 7. February 2007 04:19
Rich you speak for all of us babe
#8slize Elegato 7. February 2007 15:51
sounds cool : ) I need to learn some basics , downloading sucka !
#9zeun panCake 7. February 2007 16:15
yeah! lovely!
#10Arild1990 7. February 2007 16:20
On time!
#11xanoZ 7. February 2007 22:03
Nice.. :)
#12slize Elegato 7. February 2007 23:43
i think that he should work on his speech . Isn't he a bit shy ? :)))))

Anyway nice tut, i've learned smth : )

Last changed: 7. February 2007 23:44
#13FarmerJoe Style-Productions 8. February 2007 10:35
I'm not shy, i'm trying to act all sexy and hot... so ya.. I should work on my sexy/hot voice.
#14slize Elegato 8. February 2007 13:10
haha maybe ;D Maybe you can try singing in Aphex Twin haha ;d

Waiting for some new tuts from you :)
#15rich hillbillyjunkies 8. February 2007 17:41
#12 what are you talking about? Best tutorial-voice I've heard in quite a long while =)
#16FarmerJoe Style-Productions 8. February 2007 18:29
well thank you RiCH, that makes my heart grow 2 sizes.
#17cZF Style-Productions 8. February 2007 20:27
hahaha slize, how about YOU should work on your speech/language? there's absolutely nothing at all wrong with joe's vocal part; no pronunciations or sentence structures I'd criticize.
#18slize Elegato 8. February 2007 21:08
i dont said that there is smth wrong with his sentences structures or smth else.

I wasn't in 100 & serious , I wanted to say that after hearing his voice and "style" of saying he's a bit shy while talking to the computer hahaha

Why you crzyfst always take smth to your heart so early ?
#19Dec HLAE 8. February 2007 21:57
#20FarmerJoe Style-Productions 8. February 2007 23:33
#21uRT Chillside 9. February 2007 13:29
#22cZF Style-Productions 10. February 2007 00:18
why is it that you always think I take something personal or "to my heart"? I just said that there's nothing wrong with his voice, pronunciation, volume, confidence, etc. if you call this way of presentation shy, I'm really curious how a real self-confidently spoken guide from YOU would sound like ;p

good idea. we officially declare that we will host your tutorial under the name of style-productions when you made a video tutorial with spoken explanations to show us what self-confidence is.
#23marsi hillbillyjunkies 12. February 2007 00:18
#24Realized Chillside 12. February 2007 22:15
*mY GrAnNy CoulD makE a BetTer TeXxT thaN thaT^*

No, just kidding :) Great guide!
#25r Style-Productions 19. February 2007 22:24
Aphex Twin is awesome Adam. You listen to him?
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