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Resizing - Step by step

Written by daniel on 7. October 17:18

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

00. Introduction.
01. Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub.
02. Filter resize.
03. Resolution and aspect ratio.
04. You’re done.
05. Misc.

00. Introduction
It has and still is a lot of confusion concerning resizing with CS movies, so I thought I could clarify the steps once and for all.

Let’s say you’re working with 1280x960 (4:3 aspect ratio) or 1280x720 (16:9 aspect ratio) as source. You can either choose to resize before you start editing or do the resizing as the last step for your movie.

In either way you choose; you have to have all your clips/movie rendered as uncompressed/lossless all the way otherwise you will lose quality.

01. Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub
Import your clips/movie into VirtualDub.

02. Filter resize
Take Video -> Filters -> Add -> Select Resize -> Ok

03. Resolution and aspect ratio
This step depends on the resolution on your clips/movies and what resolution you want. It’s very important to keep the same aspect ratio if you do not want your video to look stretched.

First make sure you have Lanczos3 as “Filter Mode”. And as for resolution, you can either take one of the resolutions beneath or find your own within the same aspect ratio.

Some of the most common resolutions:
1280x960 which has 4:3 in aspect ratio could for example be resized to 1152x864, 1024x768, 960x720, 800x600 without loosing aspect ratio.
(1280/960 = 1.33, 960/720 = 1.33 i.e. same aspect ratio)

1280x720 which has 16:9 in aspect ratio could be resized to 960x540, 800x450 without loosing aspect ratio.
(1280/720 = 1.77, 960/540 = 1.77 i.e. same aspect ratio)

04. You’re done
For clips: Save as uncompressed/lossless Avi.
For final render: Save with the final codec and settings you want.

05. Misc
So what about 960x600, isn’t it 4:3 or 16:9?
960x600 has 8:5 (16:10) in aspect ratio so if this is the aspect ratio you want, you have to find out a resolution that has 8:5 (16:10) in aspect ratio in CS, crop your original source or sacrifice quality by resizing a 4:3 / 16:9 source to 3:2.

You can find more information about aspect ratio here:

©2006 Style-Productions and Daniel Nielsen.
#1marsi hillbillyjunkies 7. October 2006 20:24
Good guide :)
#2ShaQ moviemakers 7. October 2006 20:40
960x600 pwnz
#3chandler 7. October 2006 21:12
960x600 is not 3:2 it's 8:5(16:10)
900x600 is 3:2, math lessons BOY!
Nice guide.. though i dont see the idea of resize in a CS movie bcuz that just looks bad, in games like Q3 or CoD2 it's more doable.
#4daniel Style-Productions 7. October 2006 21:50
It was 900x600 in the guide at first, then someone in the priv channel told me that it was 960x600 people use nowadays. Guess I just forgot to change the ascpect ratio. Thanks for correcting me though!

Last changed: 7. October 2006 21:52
#5diMi Skunk-Productions 8. October 2006 01:18
good to know
#6viccctr VICTORS VIDEOKLUBB 8. October 2006 11:57
#7Deniz DD Films 8. October 2006 12:09
If you just do it that way, the final vid would be kinda blurry. That's why I usually use some sharpen (Filter -> Virtual Dub).
#8slize Elegato 8. October 2006 13:31
No it wont be blurry, just use the resouliton in cs : 960x600 and thats all
#9Deniz DD Films 8. October 2006 15:12
I tested myself:
1280x720 to 640x360, and it did get blurry.

#8: Tell me how to use a resolution of 960x600 in cs, pls.
#10pava Style-Productions 8. October 2006 16:22
I cap my clips in 960x600 and don't resize at all. Just set the mode to widescreen in cs and it will be there.
#11Deniz DD Films 8. October 2006 16:54
It just doesn't work for me that way. If I set the the mode to widescreen I can only choose between two resolutions:
1280x720 and 1440x900

Any idea how to fix that? (Catalyst drivers installed -> 9800 Pro)
#12cristal iceCake 9. October 2006 02:08
i aint got any proper cs-background when it comes down to movies.. but i guess u can change ur res to whatever u want in your ini/cfg.

I see alot of people dont knowing the purpose of resizing. The plus side to this is your edges will be smoother. There will also be a slight increase in depth and textures as well as more vivid colors. Not TOTALLY obvious but a step in the right direction to perfection :D

Last changed: 9. October 2006 02:10
#13Deniz DD Films 9. October 2006 10:15
#12 , unfortunately, there's nothing like an .ini to change your resolution. i mean, it's possible to change the resolution by using regedit. but i tried once to change the resolution to 960x600 by doing that, and it just switched back to 640x480 (don't know why that specific res. though :D ).

Edit: i got it. i used powerstrip to add that custom resolution.

Last changed: 9. October 2006 10:42
#14exnx 9. October 2006 11:36
if you wanted to record at 1600x1200 or 1600x900, do you have to adjust your monitor in cs so you can see everything or will it take the screenshots proportionately?
#15cZF Style-Productions 9. October 2006 12:18
#14 it will take the image produced by your graphics card - the monitor just displays what is created by the card. only seeing a part of the actual image on your screen does therefore not mean that you will get a cut off picture. the screen just doesn't cover the whole picture, that's all.
#16Assor Chillside 9. October 2006 16:06
nice guide

i'm really exited about when we are going to use HD 1080 :D 1920x1080 :D.
#17cristal iceCake 10. October 2006 13:42
already divx 1080p codec-presets out.. have been playing with it, works like a charm.
#18Cantoz 10. October 2006 18:14
Virtualdub download doesnt work

Last changed: 10. October 2006 21:51
#19Deniz DD Films 12. October 2006 14:09
#18: for me it does. DDL:
#20Conky 17. October 2006 15:33
So if i want 960x600, whit what resolution i should take screens @ CS ?
#21andreas Style-Productions 17. October 2006 16:23
960x600 Widescreen mode :)
#22chupacabra 17. October 2006 21:34
I 960x600 resize to 960x504 + nice border that is quiet widescreen
#23Zaknafein Style-Productions 19. October 2006 22:51
the resize calculator is better imo, but this works too :)
#24Luhr Pure sense 28. October 2006 01:33
nice <3 :p
#25entrion Guido Westerwelle 20. November 2006 21:13
I've tried resizing... no good for me.
I don't have 960x540 in cs... don't say widescreen, it's not there either, I've downloaded drivers to make it work but I am clueless... plz need help
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