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How to obtain the best graphics (CS 1.6)

Written by daniel on 7. October 17:15

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

00. Introduction.
01. Reset to default.
02. High graphics package.
03. Graphical settings.
04. Resolution & colour quality.
05. Misc.

00. Introduction
This guide is mainly for Counter-Strike 1.6. Before you start this guide make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphic card. You can find Nvidia drivers here and AMD drivers here. In this guide I used an ATI 9800PRO with the Omega 2.6.12 drivers.

01. Reset to default
Rename your current counter-strike folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life). Start steam. Double-click on Counter-Strike in the Steam -> Games Menu. Now it will extract the original files i.e. by doing this you reset all settings to default. Do not start Counter-Strike.

02. High graphics package
Now download this and extract the rar file in Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike. The rar file contains a config file, high polygon weapon models and high polygon shells.
Note: Since the shells are custom, you might not want them. Then grab this file, it has everything except the shells.

03. Graphical settings
Make sure you've maxed out all graphical settings. If you're not sure about the best settings, follow the screenshots below:

ATI/Omega - Click on the image for a bigger version.

Nvidia - Click on the image for a bigger version.

04. Resolution & colour quality
Start counter-strike, set your preferred resolution and set colour quality as 32bits. You'll have to set your own in-game binds and add your own scripts.

05. Misc.
How to get rid off the High-poly weapon models and/or shell:
Simply rename/delete Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\models map.

How to go back to default graphic settings:
For both standard AMD and Nvidia drivers you can just hit default in your graphic settings. For Omega you have to screen your settings before you start.

Explanations for all graphic settings can you find here:
AMD (Old ATI) | Nvidia

High-poly weapons: PraLiNeN
High-poly shells: OPEDAYAH
Config: daniel

Final result: (with colour correction)

Click on the image for a bigger version.

©2006 Style-Productions and Daniel Nielsen.
#1marsi hillbillyjunkies 7. October 2006 20:18
Nice guide, keep it up :D
#2Dec HLAE 7. October 2006 21:01
Cool :)
#31999 8. October 2006 05:40
ty (Y)
#4Classinen 8. October 2006 18:52
So nice, thank you so much! :)
#5pava Style-Productions 9. October 2006 00:37
Needless to say this guide works for any game, as it's not the game settings you are tweaking.
#6cZF Style-Productions 9. October 2006 12:28
just make sure to use 32bit :ppp

otherwise every game loooks like shit
#7Stalker 9. October 2006 15:12
vsync should be turned on as well.
#8neadii 9. October 2006 22:35
the second pic at nvidia's small pictures isn't showing up:P

This is the right url, fix asap :-)
#9pava Style-Productions 9. October 2006 23:12
#8? The title says how to obtain best possible settings in cs. And i said, it works for any game, since it's not the GAMES settings you are changing, but the overall grafic settings.
#10ogg 10. October 2006 01:08
man, big shells:D
#11Stoffe 10. October 2006 13:57
nice guide :) btw what theme on windows do u use ?
#12Zew BESPREDEL 10. October 2006 14:30
Nice guide!
#13Cantoz 10. October 2006 18:10
Thats hot ;P
#14ConTroLL 13. October 2006 07:29
cool guide man, keep it up, i was shocked when i sawd what good is the quality and the fps is 70 ... :/ before i was playing with 50 - 60 fps, thanks!
#15ashtiking 13. October 2006 14:09
Nice Guide
#16zibb DREAMPAST 14. October 2006 17:08
Nice, to bad I already know everything ;)

*admin comment*
Translated your comment, use English next time.

Last changed: 16. October 2006 17:05
#17shiney 16. October 2006 17:08
agree with #17 ^^ =)

Last changed: 22. October 2006 15:02
#18Cantoz 17. October 2006 17:13
What drivers for nvidia geforce 6200 ?
#19fjeew 22. October 2006 15:05
when I have joined a server, i cant pick team, and when I try to play LAN-game, I cant get in the server, HELP!
#20fjeew 22. October 2006 15:22
these configs fucked up my CS omg! I cant do anything!! u betteer fix this!
#21daniel Style-Productions 23. October 2006 02:02
#21, #22
Just rename the resource catalog.
#22Shagglicious 26. October 2006 21:36
Graet! I really needed this
#23BloodSpiller 31. October 2006 19:34
cool! great guide! :)
#24Younz 2. November 2006 10:55
the new driver is fucked my pc up:( can't watch video's anymore.. please help!
#25novak 3. November 2006 22:00
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