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Vegas: Brightness and Contrast

Written by andreas on 7. October 17:11

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

00. Introduction.
01. Getting started.
02. Effect settings

00. Introduction
Remember that all guides on are made for teaching you the basics. We don't encourage anyone to copy our settings and import it to your own project. In other words, be creative!

This effect is one of my personal favourites. The effect is called 'Brightness and Contrast' and achieves a more professional look of your clips. Remember that there are no special settings I can give you by this tutorial. So remember that you need to play with your own settings by your own. Anyway, let's get to work!

01. Getting started
Open your clip in Vegas and then add the effect 'Brightness and contrast'.

02. Effect settings
Now you'll get up this window:

In this window you can change your values. It's better if you use more contrast than brightness. It's different settings on every map and location but at this map (de_cbble) it's really nice with a little higher value of contrast and a little lower brightness value:

As you can see, there's actually not so much difference, but if you see it in a movie your quality impression will be higher even if you don't think about it. Here's the result:

Remember that you need different values on every map/location so don't be afraid to mix your settings. Another thing you should really think about is to not exaggerate your values. It's a big mistake which many do in today's movies; it’s generally enough with low values.
#1marsi hillbillyjunkies 7. October 2006 20:37
Nice guide, but the brightness should be lower imo. But as you said, all guides are here to teach the basics.
#2Dec HLAE 8. October 2006 01:44
#3senteR 9. October 2006 18:56
nice guide but my B&C settings are better :P

Last changed: 9. October 2006 18:56
#4Dragon_uz Evolution Films 9. October 2006 22:12
My settings :
Brightness -0,05
Contrast 0,43
Contrast Center 0,50
#5Shagglicious 24. October 2006 21:40
Nice :) thanks
#6mardal91 5. December 2006 07:38
thats a good one
#7SpiderS_ 31. December 2006 03:17


its good !
#8bndx goskit production 11. January 2007 12:22
very nice :)
#9asdzich 20. January 2007 14:23
mby some one know nice settings for de_dust2? :>
#10BoTy0 2. February 2007 23:17
#9 im sure u have to find out urself what looks best(well to u)
#11h1tmaNGiorgi ParadoX Studios 1. March 2007 17:06
B|1@D 4q r4 xd3b4 4m15 d3d45 \/7x4r3 70
#12cdb 8. March 2007 22:20
i use brightness -.03 contrast 23 center 50

Last changed: 30. November 2007 13:19
#13fsk Style-Productions 5. July 2007 09:48
You can't make any "preset" for B&C that's equally good on every single map and location on those given maps, the variety in map textures and lighting is just too diverse.
#14Pavel V 15. July 2007 08:59
Норма :)
#15endem 15. December 2007 20:44
great job
#16Zarathos 17. June 2008 21:16
It only makes my clip blurrier :S
#17terry 13. March 2009 03:54
#18villemooh Digital Nation 5. May 2009 13:56
These settings are great imo:

Brigthness: -0,09
Contrast: 0,31
Contrast center: 0,52 :)
#19strandsson mirv effects 26. July 2009 15:17
thanks #18 nice ! =D
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