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Create a GIF out of your movie

Written by daniel on 7. October 17:07

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. What you need.
02. Import your clip into VirtualDub.
03. Change the frame rate and resolution.
04. Import your clip into Ulead Gif Animator 2.0.
05. Credits and copyright.

00. Introduction
There are many ways to convert AVI etc to GIF animations, this is "my" way.

01. What you need
First you will need VirtualDub, you can find the newest version here.
And you will need Ulead Gif Animator 2.0, which you can find here.

02. Import your clip into VirtualDub
Open your movie/clip in VirtualDub. First we have to remove the parts we don’t want in our final clip. Simply press “HOME” on your keyboard at the beginning of the movie/clip and “END” just before the part you want starts, now hit the “DELETE”-button. Press “HOME” where you want your clip to end and then press “END” at the end of the movie/clip. You should now only have the part of the movie/clip you want to convert to GIF. (Try to stay between 0-100 frames, 100 frames and above will give more than 1mb in file size.)

03. Change the frame rate and resolution
Now there are two things you will have to do to keep the file size down to reasonable amount, change the fps and resize your clip.

To change FPS: (CTRL + R) Video -> Frame Rate -> Convert to fps. -> Choose 10 as fps.

To change the resolution: (CTRL + F) Video -> Filers -> Add -> Resize -> Choose Lanczos3 as filter mode. For resolution try to keep stay on the same aspect ratio which means that if you change the width with 50% you have to do the same with height. Example: If your movie got 800x600 as resolution, you could go for 200x150 or 100x75.

Save as AVI uncompressed: File -> Save as AVI -> (Make sure you have Uncompressed under Video -> Compression) -> Save

Note: VirtualDub has to support your file. If VirtualDub does not support your file; try searching for your files file extension and the extension you want to convert it to. For example: Search for “convert .m2v to .avi” in

Note 2: VirtualDub does not allow you to import WMV. To solve this you have import your WMV into Sony Vegas, VideoMach (or video converter of your choose) and export your clip as uncompressed.

04. Import your clip into Ulead Gif Animator 2.0
Start Ulead Gif Animator 2.0 and take “Open existing Video File” choose the file we made in VirtualDub. Take File -> Save As -> Save.
Take “Optimize with presets” and now “Finish” should appear, click it and you’re done.

Some examples from my interview with Sozou:

You can find the interview here.

05. Credits and copyright.
Guide made by: daniel

©2006 Style-Productions and Daniel Nielsen.
#1marsi hillbillyjunkies 7. October 2006 20:39
Why would anyone want to do that? :/
#2daniel Style-Productions 7. October 2006 21:21
Avatars for example, lots of stuff you can use it too. Just use your imagination :)
#3pez Temporal pictures 7. October 2006 21:21
banners, avatars, sig etc?¿

Last changed: 7. October 2006 21:22
#4Dec HLAE 7. October 2006 21:35
hehe, nice :D
#5ARN 7. October 2006 22:04
..or a preview on a movie download site, i.e. own-age or planet-videos
#6pava Style-Productions 7. October 2006 22:30
See our souzou interview for an example on how this is usefull! =)
#7daniel Style-Productions 8. October 2006 00:06
The sozou interview

Last changed: 8. October 2006 01:22
#8neadii 8. October 2006 11:41
I can easily do this in Photoshop and Imageready too, I can make a guide/turorial when I have the time. :-)
#9cZF Style-Productions 9. October 2006 12:22
#8 there is actually not a real need for such a tutorial since the program daniel linked to is for free and therefore accessable for everyone. but if you want to write a tutorial nevertheless, you're welcome to do though I doubt someone will make use of the 'advanced' way (you might see this differently).
#10thuvan DREAMPAST 9. October 2006 12:41
Nice = )
#11neadii 9. October 2006 14:54
#9, it's no problem for me to write a guide about how to do this in photoshop and imageready, if you in SP are interested you can PM me :)

edit: The "advanced" way is only necessary if you wanna make a good backround etc. in photoshop :-)

Last changed: 9. October 2006 16:43
#12senteR 9. October 2006 18:59
#13Adaption Slyder Media 10. October 2006 14:22
Thaniks alot, really helpful for those who wanna make banners for the upc movie :)
#14Davids9N 6. November 2006 15:03
nice tut =)
#15zibb DREAMPAST 10. November 2006 10:04
nice guide, but i haven't test it yet ..
#16mfk Slyder Media 20. November 2006 09:44
nice :)
#17Syphon 20. November 2006 18:36
#18Knuckles 10. December 2006 15:06
I hope me die oO
#19dezeGno Snidugt Media 2. March 2007 17:49
How can i stop the loop ? :o need it fast!!
#20Jkskiddo 25. August 2007 12:00
anyone got a link that has a non corrupted gif animator..
like that one works but when i try to install it comes up with some message and -115 or something =\...
but i installed it the first time yet i couldnt open it............................
#21Dec HLAE 26. August 2007 21:23
Okay, I finally tested this, I install the Gif-program, but I cant open it (even if I reboot the computer).
I read the readme and it says that you put those .dll's in Windows > System folder?

EDIT: Downloaded version 5 so now it works :p

Last changed: 26. August 2007 21:45
#22kento_noob 2. December 2007 18:52
nice <3 u :-*
#23gamerpwr 20. January 2008 18:37
that gif-animator dont work for me when i click at the video file i want the whole program just shuts down
#24gamerpwr 20. January 2008 18:39
*det står i en skylt att unlead gif animator har stött på ett problem och måste avslutas...
#25kOOO 26. April 2008 11:53
I got the same problem. Maybe it´s because of Vista
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