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Vegas: How to crop

Written by andreas on 25. June 02:25

Following parts will be introduced in this guide

01. Import you clip into Vegas.
02. Crop.

00. Introduction
Many beginners don't know how to crop their movie. Everything is really simple and the crop gives your movie a better look! Read more below!

01. Import you clip into Vegas
- Open your clip in Vegas
- Then click this button

or you just right-click on your .avi clip and take Video event pan/crop.

02. Crop
Now you'll get up this window

Number 1. is a button where you can choose different crops. Number 2. is the main window, this is the place you make your own crops. And Number 3 is the timeline. On number 1 it already got some crop examples, but some of them don't really fit to gaming videos so I'm going to tell you how to make your own cropping. First of all look at the main window; in the lower main window corner you can see a little blue box. You click and hold the box and then press and hold in control. Now drag your mouse up how much you want it. If it's a HLTV .avi clip, I recommend that you just take away the upper and lower bars.

If you don't want to do this every time you can save your settings by pressing a button.

Just remember to write a name for your crop.
#1context panCake 9. October 2006 16:50
nice tutorial =)
#2benneth 9. October 2006 17:49
easy :)
#3senteR 9. October 2006 18:57
versy easy :P
#4NETTO 9. October 2006 20:42
very very easy :P
#5danieldvc dwq media 11. October 2006 18:06
Oh nice :O will try it in my next movie . ;DD!
#6cesarr_ cSrr 17. October 2006 00:21
Easy <3
#7noZZ Bloodstained 22. October 2006 21:50
too easy ;)
#8Shagglicious 24. October 2006 21:48
#9essR 18. November 2006 19:45
#10sub-zero 19. December 2006 04:40
images doesnt work for me
#11fat_caT 31. December 2006 22:04
me nither
#12jedikiller 25. January 2007 21:42
yea can someone fix the images
#13Rebs- 5. February 2007 03:50
yea images arent working...
#14daniel Style-Productions 9. February 2007 23:18
Sorry guys, the images are up again. Seems like this guide was completely forgotten.
#15venomG Venom Studios 15. June 2007 15:16
the stupid thing is that cropping litterally destroys the quality of the movie :/
#16Chillinut 3. August 2007 11:58
nice :)
#17Dec HLAE 1. September 2007 17:35
So easy :)
#18nazorize IntuQk|PRODUCTIONS 19. March 2008 17:25
How u get Text in there?
And maby a tutorail that u can see how u make a window in ur video that show a other place of the map
#19dav1dZ 4. August 2008 14:17
it is more easy to remove hud :D the movie doesnt loses quality and the effect is the same (i think) :/
#20znth 13. August 2009 20:38
Agrees with 19 :D would like a tutorial when you show an other place of the map =) great tut
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