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Echoes of 2019

Written by Anthony on 15. July 2020 23:01

#1neigh 15. July 2020 23:11
YUP, boys. Phenomenal movie, probably my new favorite from the limited selection I have seen of GO. I always watch your guys' though. Xyanide, you always crush. Anthony fantastic job. Be well fellas
#2jBR0MZ Pringles 15. July 2020 23:18
I came.
#3Yonco 15. July 2020 23:20
Once again, the legends raise the bar. Best Fragmovie I have ever seen! One hell of a job guys, absolutely breathtaking!
#4Dec HLAE 16. July 2020 10:44
First impressions (only been half a day and seen it two times @ YT):

Solid camera work, sync and transitions as always. Dan's part was better than his Eo17 counterpart, which I felt was the weakest link of that movie. My minor gripes with this movie mainly comes down to taste; I prefer the golden look in Eo17 and I also felt the music was much more powerful in that one which gave a couple of amazing moments. The music and moments in this one didn't feel nearly powerful enough.

It also felt like the majority of the movie had the same type of transitions and effects: mainly campath duplications in multiple scenes. Maybe you have reached a point of how you prefer to use the features of HLAE. In Eo17 there was more variety and more "focus" (maybe thanks to having a third editor and only editing ~4 minute parts). I also prefer the higher frame rate in that movie. Although, 30 fps was fine for the most part, it can just feel a little "wobbly" when the pros flinch a lot.

On a positive note, even with these gripes, it's still easily the best fragmovie of the year. I feel hyped to edit myself and I can't wait for a new PC in ~half a year!

P.S. I might do a ranking comparison in a few days/weeks :P

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#5juggaknot Airwalk Media 16. July 2020 11:17
Imagine how much better it would have been with rock music.

And cs 1.6 frags.
#6Anthony 16. July 2020 14:38
Lol @ Dec.
#7mao 16. July 2020 17:36
excellent work, gratz on this release, very powerful moments, 10/10 !!!!!!!!!
#8ayz 16. July 2020 19:34
Will the movie be available for download?
#9Anthony 17. July 2020 01:12
for sure, but at a later date to avoid poaching.
#10gleban 17. July 2020 08:06
them transitions... best GO movie of the last couple years! and happy to see you guys here
#11JJz 17. July 2020 10:37
You are two of the very few CS:GO editors that could keep me entertained for 15 minutes. The sync and transitions in this are phenomenal.
#12h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 18. July 2020 13:50
I just wrote a whole lot of stuff, and when I clicked submit I was logged out and the text was gone :( Shit...
#13xyanide Style-Productions 19. July 2020 13:31
#12 I guess we'll never know what was written on that fateful day.
#14h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 19. July 2020 15:10
#13, haha I was just tired yesterday. I'll of course try once again.

Let me start of by putting it simply. What a great experience! As someone who primarily watches gaming videos for the sake of feeling excitement about the actual frags/moments, it's was abolutely a joy to watch a thrilling re-cap of 2019! Even though I don't follow the CS scene that much anymore, I really felt the excitement of the game – which again, is the most important aspect for me.

The entire movie was a blast, but I specially enjoyed the first half or so. It just seemed a bit better put together, than the rest. I must admit I definitely wasn't a huge fan of the soundtrack, but I know that's all about personal taste. That said, it was definitely well used throughout the entire movie, even though I won't ever be a fan of those syncs to every bullet, that happened a few time in the movie.

The biggest compliment I can probably give you is that it's one of the few movies I've watched that seemed thoroughly planned out. I don't know your thought or planning process. Maybe it wasn't AS planned as I think. Maybe it's just years of experience. Regardless of the process though, the result speaks for it self. It seems for the vast majority of CS movies cams and transitions have been used in a rather standardized way of getting from A to B within a scene or to highlight something from a third person angle. The cams and transitions in this movie felt so much more individualised for the specific scenes, actually serving a purpose specific to the individual moment. To touch on my first point about feeling excited about the actual game, some scenes felt very contextualized to the the "big scene", giving the feeling of the competitiveness experienced by the players. And that is a very rare thing.

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#15Anthony 19. July 2020 16:50
#16h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 19. July 2020 20:44
#17anjers iceCake 21. July 2020 00:35
Well everyone is entitled to an opinion. And the beauty about this site is that no one is holding back while typing them.

I've watched Eo19 probably 10 times now, and I'm safe to say that this is the best CS:GO movie ever made so far.
I've had The Uprising on top of my (very short) list, but there's a new king in town!

I've always enjoyed Daniels editing style, also his choice of music. He's been one of the best at this for over a decade,
but in this movie I enjoyed Anthony's part the most.

One of the reasons is probably his choice of music, even tho most of the songs in the movie have the same genre.
There isn't anything "wrong" with Dan's part, the syncing is amazing throghout the first half of the movie, and some of the transitions were mind blowing.

But I think Anthony put a little bit more time into his part, and that really shows this time!
Some of the syncing in Ant's part was fucking ridiculous. And the part from 12:00 - 13:37 is probably peak CS:GO editing. (The Uprising 03:35 - 04:30 forcomparison). Also 11:08 - 11:25 is something I really enjoyed, it's something different from "regular fragging" and gives you a glance of how good some of these players are.

I don't follow the CS:GO scene at all anymore, I don't watch games and I don't know what teams which play anymore.
But I've read some of the comments on Youtube and I haven't seen anyone complaining about missing frags. I don't know how many games/tournaments they play but there's probably a few :p So good job on that also!

#18Anthony 21. July 2020 01:27
cheers, mr brown <3
#19SavagE 22. July 2020 19:18
Whoa, lots to unpack here! With film this long its amazing you managed to keep me hooked for the entirety of its run. It boggles my mind how much work this had to be, considering just getting all the content right, not to mention creative transitions and sync. I do however think that shortening it to 10 minutes would make it an even better experience (and maybe you would have time to work on something else ;)). 

Using Pendulum was rather surprising, felt like its 2008 again or something. I liked some tracks better, some less, but each and every one was used to its potential! 

Make some behind the scenes video, I want to see the thought process behind it :D

#20H-L 23. July 2020 13:30
wowowow, wait, before I get hyped, is this....dare I say it...NEW?! ;O!!!!!!!

135.838 weergaven
•15 jul. 2020


caps was needed.

6:54, simple yet so beautiful in the transition
same goes for 8;14, that transition felt like it came from 2004 Maul 1.6 movie but was upgraded to actually FIT inside a game, sliiick!!!

obviously perFECTO wenty to war with sound and was victorious once again. Huge props to you both, loved it!!

if I had to think of one thing i liked LESS, was the music felt last year, the bit-tunes werent my thing really. but thats all I can think off! :)

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#21jBR0MZ Pringles 23. July 2020 23:20
Anthony/Xyanide have you considered making tutorials or any sort of guides for advanced techiniques you use.
I feel like 95% or the stuff on youtube and online is so outdated especially regarding HLAE commands and getting demoes to work without lagging 3rd person characters, stuttering and other problems. Just saying if the 'Rona gets to ya before you hand down some knawledge then the world would be a much lesser place...anyways back to replaying Eo19.<3
#22Anthony 27. July 2020 21:09
Unfortunately no plans to make any YouTube videos featuring tutorials, but I always provide live tutorials on my stream.  Ask what you want me to show and I'll do it!
#23jBR0MZ Pringles 28. July 2020 00:04
Well then I exepct to see you streaming sometime :DD
I unfortunately missed ur last stream, really wanted to watch it, is the VOD removed?
#24Anthony 28. July 2020 00:10
ya.  had to in order to avoid dmca strikes
#25Dec HLAE 21. August 2020 10:15
0:30 Are those intro cams done with mirv_time or just an insanely high fps?
1:18 Do the cams look like that in-game as well, or is there some editing trickery involved? Velocity tweaking etc? :thinking:
1:26 Got inspired by SkyChase/2 to do those clouds (and birds)? :D
3:30 Viewmodel in normal speed, world stream sped up(?) :D
4:34 mirv_calcs I assume?
5:40 Is that just a regular campath? Looks almost too precise for that :thinking:
11:14 Am I blind or where did the 4th terrorist come from? Hiding behind the pillar(?)

Daniel takes the cinematography crown this time ;)

Rough ranking comparison between the Echoes movies:

Music: 16 > 17 = 19
Colors: 17 >= 16 > 19
Editing: 19 >= 17 > 16
Intro: 19 > 17 > 16
Outro: 19 > 17 > 16

Then again, it's getting increasingly difficult to rank them as each have their strenghts and weaknesses, different expectations and how well (or poorly) they age, so I don't think I will continue to do it in the future. :thinking:

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