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Remorseless Gravity

Written by Zaknafein on 5. April 2020 14:45

Here it is - an Overwatch Cinematic highlight movie. If you enjoyed Hum of Lipovka, you will probably like this one too. It features various clips from random matches, filmed in classic slow-pace Zaknastyle. Complete with atmospheric music, camera angles, and bad fonts. What's not to like?



Let me be honest, here on Style: The movie was incredibly difficult to make. The Overwatch replay system is far behind other games, which is a shame considering how visual it is.
The replay system has all of these shortcomings:
- No export feature, so dependent on third party capture like Fraps
- No camera system beyond fixed locations
- No camera movement system except mouse and settings "slow, medium, fast"
- HUD can only partially be removed (players still visible through walls)
- Player colours cannot be changed unless you put considerable effort
- Replays cannot be saved, locked or shared. Once you play a new game, the 10th replay on your list will be deleted.
- Any patch update will render replays useless. If you do not record the footage fast, all is lost. No second chances.

All of these shortcomings made this a tricky production. So I resorted to the old CS 2003 tactics: I used the keyboard to manually move the camera, and to get panning shots I used the mouse...yes, the MOUSE! For example, the shot starting at 1:36 was made using the mouse. The only other option was a joystick for smoother movement (which I believe observers use), but when I tried this OW recognized the controller but refused to let it work.

I started trying out if this movie was even possible back in October 2019, and then gradually added footage. Recently it became possible to share replays with each other, and it is also possible to view League replays. In future movies, this will at least allow for more varied content.


Despite all of these complaints and shortcomings, I am happy with the video. It is far from perfect: you will notice frame drops, player outlines, camera positioning changes and many more (I also noticed a crop error in the intro just now, but cba to change it). But I got to a point where I felt I had done enough. I tried to make an Overwatch Cinematic and succeeded as far as the system allowed me, and I am happy with that.

Hope you enjoy as well!

#1r Style-Productions 6. April 2020 22:33
pretty cool, espen!  This movie would definitely benefit from some real tools, though.  lot of those camera movements suffered.  But i did enjoy your framing and blocking as usual.  Your eye for that stuff never leaves you.
#2H-L 21. April 2020 14:22
totally unrelevant: I realise how old ive gotten when I watch this game/video and just cant seem to see wtf is going on lol. All these colorful beams and stuff make it look like quake, but where quake was simple/very visable in its actions/happenings, this game seems to have thrown all reasonability or visual hierarchy overbaord lol! Its a clusterfuck of colors and bullets/stuff flying all over your screen, IMO which is why this video (to me at least) is not that watchable.

Again; this is about the game in general, not the video!

About the video; loving the fly-bys, the 'free time' effects, even when done manually looked pretty good!
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