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The Hum of Lipovka (PUBG Cinematic)

Written by Zaknafein on 13. October 2019 13:16

The Hum of Lipovka

An experimental cinematic from the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game (PUBG). The game's replay system is miles behind CS:GO, but has potential. The video was experimental in that I tried various advanced in-game functions, graphic settings (high settings crashes my computer), and various effects in Premiere. As a result, some shots look uglier than others, but it was fun to try and hope you enjoy anyway.

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#1xyanide Style-Productions 15. October 2019 16:20
The third party tools for CS:GO may be miles ahead, but considering that PUBG actually have built in tools for stuff like this I'm not sure who's ahead. The main problem with PUBG is that everything looks choppy and laggy.

Some cool shots in there. The environments definitely make for some cool looking scenes. The scale of the maps makes it possible to do a lot more regarding cinematography than in CS:GO.
#2r Style-Productions 15. October 2019 18:36
The clear problem with PUBGs tools is that the camera doesn't have cubic interpolation. Meaning from anchor to anchor is a straight line with no gradient speed 
#3r Style-Productions 15. October 2019 19:04
That being said, this movie will be lost on 90% of the people that watch it. Not entirely sure people are going to understand how brilliant some of the cinematography and camera positioning is in this. One of my favorite pieces from you, espen. Here's to hoping pubg gets their shit together. 
#4Zaknafein Style-Productions 15. October 2019 19:14
Xy, yes by far the biggest problem with PUBG replays is the lag issue. You even see this on live tournament streams, except when it is the POV of the streamer itself. This means that getting frags from other players does not look good in first person. I never understood this: if you watch the death cam from when you die, it does not lag, but go to the replay to watch the same footage and it lags. Super weird.

However, I personally get most frustrated with the patch system where a new patch makes old replays unwatchable. This means you need to capture campaths continously, before you even know what the footage might be used for, or risk losing the replay altogether. This is why in my movies you sometimes don't always see the ideal campaths: footage was captured, a patch hits, and then during editing I realized I wanted a different shot but it's no longer possible.

The PUBG camera system is pretty slick and easy to use, but buggy (long takes are extremely unstable). And like Tony said, you cannot do gradients. If you know how, you can manually set anchors to adjust speed and hide this with curved paths, but this is awkward and a keen eye will spot it.
#5Zaknafein Style-Productions 15. October 2019 19:16
Haha you posted that second post as I wrote mine, Tony. Thank you for your kind words <3
Let me know when you stream again.
#6Dec HLAE 15. October 2019 20:41
Shame there is no smooth interpolation for the campaths :(
#7CyniuThunder 19. October 2019 20:20
I love when moviemaker can show beauty of the game that I don't really enjoy and because of well thought edit I can actually enjoy it. Good job!
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