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Written by r on 8. December 2018 18:44

Spenctacular (alternatively: One Big Style-Productions Homage) is the culmination of 9 months worth of editing by our dear community manager, Dec.  He decided to try out CSGO moviemaking for the first time since 1.6 and the results were surprising.

Right off the bat, we get a tribute to CPL 2005 by Andreas and Jasper.  All we're missing is The End of Heartache.  I like the switching between 1.6 and CSGO maps during the drum hits.  Additionally, his intro text made me laugh.  Good, lighthearted, self-deprecating stuff.  The transition at :33 was lovely, to say the least.  Real mind fuck at first.  Well done.  :37 again made me giggle more than it should have.  I found it to be a jab at the days where we used to sync white flashes to the song.

:56 + 1:11 : Classic.

2:15 : grunt from Niklas

2:53 : this made me laugh

4:13 : cool scene



overall, I could probably go through the entire movie and scrub the small editing details that could be cleaned up (lots of weird use of cookie cutter, masking, and opacity overlays), but I'm not going to.  It's Dec's first movie and I think it's a great start.  I would love to see him make more and continue to get better.  Cheers


#1spEnc Dead and Buried 8. December 2018 19:39
and not a single frag has the name spenc in it, who's frags are these?!
#2JJz 8. December 2018 20:14
Nice intro, sync and transitions.
I didn't really notice the Blade Runner 2049 color theme, though. The video quality seems rather low, too.
Good job overall.
#3Dec HLAE 8. December 2018 20:31
#2 It's low quality because the source footage was only in 720p (not enough hdd space for 1080p) :(
And the colour theme might not be from the movie per se - more from the poster with the orange + blue colours.
#4mao 9. December 2018 01:44
I hate that music to be honest, but I loved the movie. Nice edit, some moments were really cool. GJ
#5H-L 13. December 2018 15:07
#2 It's low quality because the source footage was only in 720p (not enough hdd space for 1080p) :(

WHAT? its 2018/2019 bro, get some cloud/hdd space! It costs what, 80euros to buy like a few terrabyte?!

anyway about the movie:

the scenes felt kind of like....if Xya and czyfst had a leftist baby. Like all effects and cool new things you tried were there, but they just didnt really fit the scene or the end reslt just wasnt what I was hoping for/expecting.

For example Id say the cookie cutter effects with those black thick borders felt unfinished/unpolished, delete that black, like the scene that came after it (which had no borders,just the two clips with the cookie cutter effects, which looked way cleaner). thats one example where I felt it just was rushed or not concistent with the rest of the movie.

I have to say ive been working a lot as a UX designer these days and material design as part of my app-development, so consistencyb is somerthing that became very important to me and a daily routine to perfect it. So i might be overreacting to these points as result of my job....But still my view remains the same, too much inconsistency, lack of polishment (good music and frags btw) and overall a good first movie but nothing that stood out among the rest, at least not to me.

9/10 (because youre awesome)
#6r Style-Productions 13. December 2018 17:53
*shits on the movie*
*still gives it a 9/10*
#7Dec HLAE 2. January 2019 12:42
In hindsight I could've gone for 1080p if I either used huffyuv / lagarith, or compromised with the frame rates.
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