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Twista Fragmovie by JJz

Written by anthony on 2. October 2018 19:53


- disabled motion blur makes all the clips look laggy

- Movie cuts right into the action with zero seque.  Boring opening sequence that doesn't grab viewers attention

- lots of sync oppurtunities that were not utilized. Overall, song was a non factor in the editing choices.

- hard cuts with no unique transitions



- clean

#1JJz 2. October 2018 21:03
Okay, thanks for sharing the movie and giving your feedback.

If by motion blur you mean Sony Vegas' resampling, I've personally never liked the look it creates. I'll render this again with resampling enabled and compare it to the original file to see the difference and if it looks any better, but I doubt I'll like it any more than the original, maybe even less.

Yes, I agree with you on the opening sequence, it doesn't really build the movie up. However I don't think a slower paced build-up scene would really fit the song I chose to use in this movie. Also I didn't want the first frag to last very long since there was a syncing opportunity starting at 0:17, and I wanted to have as many as possible good frags in the movie.

I somewhat agree with your point about the sync opportunities, but definitely not in the scale you've described. I feel like I did utilize the songs most powerful syncing opportunities, and left some of the smaller, more subtle ones unutilized. I've seen movies with playful sync, and I've enjoyed some of them too, but I try not to play with the frags' velocity too much. However, I wouldn't go as far as to saying that the 'song was a non factor in the editing choices', atleast not for the whole movie. But yes, I have some improving to do in listening to the songs best sync opportunities.

And finally, your comment about hard cuts and lack of transitions. Yes, I'm aware of that issue in my videos. I did experiment with some other transitions in the video, in specific parts where I thought the song created an opportunity for that, but hard cuts are what I use the most. What would you like to see in their place ? Crossfades, or something more playful ? I'm not the biggest fan of being too playful with the edit myself, like already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll keep these points in mind the next time I'm editing a cs movie.
#2Dec HLAE 3. October 2018 15:36
Smiley rating: " :( "
#3JJz 3. October 2018 15:50
Come on man, it has to be at least ":/" if not ":|".
#4spEnc Dead and Buried 3. October 2018 20:23
This movie would be considered very good around 02/03!

Sadly it can't even be considered decent in 2018!

The cams were ok.

And as our dear leader said: There was barely any sync.

What was that random blink at 1:13?? :P

And what FOV was this recorded in? Looked weird to me or maybe its my monitor..

But keep making movies, you can't get any worse :D
#5anthony Style-Productions 3. October 2018 22:52
People come to Style-Productions to get the cold, hard truth, JJz.  Or maybe that's why they avoid it :D
#6hoojerAP Authentic-Pictures 3. October 2018 23:46
I just hope I can finish any of my works so I can get the cold hard truth...
#7JJz 4. October 2018 19:56
#4. At 1:13 there's just a flashbang in the game, if you mean the one at 1:31 then I don't think it's random as the music goes silent for that second as well. And the viewmodel FOV is at the max (68 I think?).

#5. True, but one does not improve by reading Youtube comments such as 'first, nice'.
#8H-L 10. October 2018 10:04
8th!!!!, nice.
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