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Breaking Barriers by Paper

Written by anthony on 7. September 2018 19:21


Just got done glancing over @paperCSGO newest movie. Very... long film. With a length of 22 minutes, it's imperative that the creator directs and edits in a dynamic way with both song choice and FX/transition selection. Unfortunately, Paper does neither. Thought it fell flat :\

Addendum: for those whom want to pursue making a career length fragmovie for a player, please do one thing: make a story out of it.  There needs to be continuity in the timeline.  Viewer feels very detached if the frags are just thrown in from various times throughout the career with little context or exposition.



#1Dec HLAE 7. September 2018 19:34
#2JJz 7. September 2018 20:46
Mixwell and PaperC were hyping this movie up on Twitter a week before it was released. Even I myself got somewhat hyped for it, until I heard it was going to be over 22 minutes long.

A 22 minute fragmovie might be a good tribute to Mixwell's (still ongoing) CS:GO career, however it's way too long to spend viewing a fragmovie of this caliber. A 3-6 minute fragmovie with Mixwell's best frags and decent editing would've been significantly more enjoyable to watch. Instead I'm stuck with this, watching a few minutes before skipping ahead and watching a couple of frags, then skipping ahead again and repeating this cycle until I reach the end of this movie.

I've watched a few of PaperC's fragmovies, and haven't yet found a song I've liked in them. This movie isn't really an exception, okay the dnb song towards the end is decent, and I actually liked the outro song. Of course the music in fragmovies is subjective and comes down to personal preference, but still.

The ingame audio in this movie was mostly a bit too quiet for my taste, and then some basic awp shots sounded louder and more edited for no apparent reason. Yes, it fit at some points of the movie, but not at others. The cinematics/cams were boring and generic too. I didn't like the color correction either, it looked bland and overexposed on brighter maps.


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#3JJz 7. September 2018 20:48
Yet most of the casual CS:GO viewers seemed to love this movie. They praised it on Youtube and Twitter, some even claiming it as their favorite CS:GO movie of all time. Even a respectable and talented CS:GO moviemaker, whom I'll not name here, was sharing it and saying how good it is, hmm.

I did like the last 66 seconds of this video though, that being the outro (starting at 21:13 and going all the way until the end). The song was quite powerful there and it was edited in a slightly different way from the rest of the video. I also liked the fact that he added the cinematic black bars on this movie. However the rest of the video wasn't that cinematic, and in this case it could've been better with fullscreen gameplay footage.

I'm not going to give this movie a numeric rating, just a frown " :( ".

#4anthony Style-Productions 7. September 2018 21:00
author wrote:
I'm not going to give this movie a numeric rating, just a frown " :( ".

pack it in boys.  we've reached the pinnacle of movie reviewing. what a line
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