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Awaken by Molen

Written by anthony on 16. August 2018 18:06


Not too shabby of a movie by @MolenCS. One of his more entertaining releases. The soundtrack is reminiscent of early 2000 CS editing. His use of freecams and velocity are a bit jarring and his ingame sound lacks power. The ending feels abrupt as well. Overall, a solid 7/10.


#1spEnc Dead and Buried 17. August 2018 21:30
Great camerawork, boring soundtrack! Music reminded me of all the highlight csgo movies there is out there without any editing
#2Dec HLAE 17. August 2018 22:16
Someone outside of Style is actually using resampling? +1

Also, what's up with some deathnotices? (10 rows of them, is that because of panorama?)
#3Molen 18. August 2018 01:44
Dec, no it's me, I was trying to show context because I hate texts like "1vs4 or 1vs5" floating in space. But a lot of you guys don't like this so I'm going to stop using it. Thanks guys!

Last changed: 18. August 2018 11:46
#4kab 18. August 2018 02:40
Great movie. Liked the editing!
#5Molen 18. August 2018 11:46
kab, means a lot. Respect!
#6JJz 18. August 2018 15:30
Okay, that was a stylish movie.

I liked the style of the smooths and the use of dof (except at 4:40 the playermodel pops out of blur once he gets closer to the camera). It's cool that you had some real life camera footage in there as well. The flares and other effects were pretty nice, however I feel they were overused towards the end (for example using those in two frags back to back at 4:10-4:15, while it didn't really fit the music on the 2nd frag there). I thought the gunsounds should've been louder and I'm not a fan of the huge killfeed at 4:24 and 4:42.

I'd rate this movie 7/10, just like Anthony did.

Last changed: 18. August 2018 15:32
#7ripieces HLAE 18. August 2018 16:55
@Molen just so you know, you can have both worlds if you want:

mirv_deatmsg lifetime 1
mirv_deathmsg lifetimeMod 120

this will show other frags for about 1 second (+fade in and out) and keep the red-bordered ("localplayer") ones for 1 * 120 = 120 seconds

Edit: Of course this isn't that useful if you want to show from before the scene starts I think :(
The new system makes it possbile though to set the lifetime of a death notifciation per each notification, but that would mean too much work I guess.

Last changed: 18. August 2018 16:57
#8Molen 19. August 2018 11:30
@ripieces Yea, I know about that. Still, would just start blocking everything else I guess.
#9Molen 19. August 2018 16:00
This is great, thanks guys, due to this kind of feedback I've been proggressing a lot!
#10H-L 24. August 2018 02:05
the first song could've been like half a min shorter was a dope song but lost the hype after a while.

great editing on it, nice and fast but not too much of the hard cut-edit-bullshit we are seeing a lot these days.
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