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Echoes of 2017 Released

Written by anthony on 16. May 2018 18:53

I'm not awake yet to write anything clever.  Enjoy!


#1Dec HLAE 16. May 2018 18:57
Time to cancel postpone my own movie for the time being, to reflect on life.
#2anthony Style-Productions 16. May 2018 19:26
hopefully we inspired you, not give you despair!
#3kab 16. May 2018 20:10
DAMN BOYS! Enjoyed every bit of this masterpiece! Thank you!

Last changed: 16. May 2018 20:10
#4Dec HLAE 16. May 2018 20:13
Not sure I like the old school feel with these songs, feels a little confusing hearing them again, maybe remaking an old movie is not a good idea after all. However, it looks like you made even crazier cams and transitions this time. Anthony's train scene is definitely the highlight of the movie for me. Solid editing, but I think I prefer Eo16.

Also, didn't follow any of my ideas! -20 points.

#5neigh 16. May 2018 22:41
I thought this was great. It's funny that after so many years I feel like I could tell who edited each part. Pretty much all of the cam's and/or the transitions they became were brilliant. I liked the soundtrack and like Dec said it was weird but I think cool to hear some of those tracks again. Right on boys!
#6pray Kyoto 16. May 2018 23:07
Amazing work on all ends. So many sexy moments. And goddamn was the syncing well done 
#7mao 17. May 2018 05:55
youtube clip lagged on some parts for me, other than that, straight masterpiece.
#8ripieces HLAE 17. May 2018 08:00
Thank you for your great work.
Also thanks for the mention in the credits.
#9destruktor Authentic-Pictures 17. May 2018 11:29
Just gonna paste my YouTube comment here:
author wrote:
I swear this made me more emotional than it should have. So many remnants from older classics, pulled off so so beautifully. I’m in awe. But what else can I expect from you guys.

#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 17. May 2018 13:39
Epic movie! Really well put together with amazing camera work and transition, deliver in a pseudo-00s style!
#11SiCKO 17. May 2018 23:56
Glad it's making its rounds in the community, well done guys!
#12JJz 18. May 2018 17:09
Enjoyed this one more than your last years movie. Some unique transitions and nice sync.
Not quite my style but that's understandable since I only started playing and watching CS in 2014.
Well done !
#13Dec HLAE 19. May 2018 17:58
Is it just me or does the colour correction get stronger as the movie progresses? :P

7:36 Where is that sound effect from? It feels familiar somehow.
#14anthony Style-Productions 19. May 2018 22:39
Thanks for all the lovely words, everyone!

@Dec: that SFX is courtesy of s0nkite :D
#15Dec HLAE 22. May 2018 20:26
I should avoid posting for a few days when a new Style movie is released. I feel like my first impressions are generally more negative. However after multiple viewings they all grow on me.

I would rate it similar to Eo16, but for different reasons.

Music: 16 > 17
CC: 16 > 17 (Although it feels like Niklas' fragpart has stronger colours than the others?)
Editing: 17 > 16
HLAE Use: 17 > 16
#16anthony Style-Productions 22. May 2018 20:31
Dec wrote:
I feel like my first impressions are generally more negative.

It's pretty much what we've come to expect from you.  We just ignore it :D
#17mao 23. May 2018 01:24
rewatched and noticed some 3rd person transitions are just way too nice :)
#18KrieppeN Airwalk Media 24. May 2018 14:13
Agree with #4
#19H-L 29. May 2018 12:01
Been trying to watch this while at work but everytime some fucker comes up to me and asks me who made this sexy as video. LET ME FUCKKING WATCH IT FIRST. 

Im joking, i watched it like 9 times and forced everyone to watch...

#20H-L 2. June 2018 15:21
had to watch it again today for some reaosn. so many goodf scenes it makes me tingle

#21rampa 3. June 2018 18:28
so many effects, so great style, so nice, so bevierely.
Alexey 'Klinsir' Klimov
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