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Editing Etiquette: Episode 1 Released

Written by anthony on 18. April 2018 17:20

Spawning from the Weekend Watch articles, I thought it would be fun to further discuss editing techniques and effects choices in older movies.  However, I wanted to create something more engaging for the viewers and possibly, with some luck, more entertaining.  Thus enters Editing Etiquette.

Fusing humor, education, and some good, old-fashioned banter with various special guests (this one stars Akidos), I will aim to discuss how old school movies were formulated.  In Episode 1, I chose to talk about Mourning Walls Collapse.

Leave your comment below giving me your feedback.  I would love to hear what I could do better and what you particularly liked.


#1Dec HLAE 18. April 2018 17:41
Your camera is shaking by the slighest movement! :(

And what about doing voice-overs, or maybe a split screen effect of you and the footage?
#2anthony Style-Productions 18. April 2018 17:42
Yuip, have to fix the camera issue.  Perhaps will put it on a separate, non moving platform.  I did some voice overs in Episode 1, but could always do more.  And yes!  Split screens for sure both with game footage and special guests.  Thanks for the comments Dec!
#3Sunot 18. April 2018 18:59
Man I've never watched Mourning Walls Collapse and thought it was underground 3 because it uses same music lol. Will look forward to more of these.
#4psh HLAE 19. April 2018 15:21
What I can be improved imo:
- Tonys hat
- I felt like it needed more structure. You start with the fragpart, move to the intro texts and then went back to the frag part. Now I get it's not about dissection of a movie but about particular techniques used but I still think you could structure it better.
- 720p video about video editing in 2018
- You should really consider investing some money in a proper mic
- At the end you say 'hope to see you again' or something similar. I think you would have a lot more returning viewers if you make it work with a schedule. Maybe biweekly or something like that.(style and scheduled releases lol)
- Anthonys hat

What I enjoyed about it:
- The humoristic aspect, not just going for spilling boring info about effects out there
- The overall content that was delivered and how it was presented
- The bloopers ending
#5anthony Style-Productions 19. April 2018 16:56
- what's that? You love the Style Exclusive hat? Nice! I'll make sure to wear two hats next time!

- correct. I agree. I sort of just free flowed it this time, but I definitely want to format it better.

- 720 is all perras fault. He recorded his part in that format. It'll definitely be 1080 from now on.

- we'll see if a better mic is worth it depending on how many of these I do and the reception. 

- hard to create a schedule right now.  It's not my day job, ya know? :-D

- what's that? You love the Style Exclusive hat...? 

Last changed: 19. April 2018 16:57
#6pray Kyoto 19. April 2018 16:57
Finalllyyyyy it's out! 

Very entertaining!! But a better mic would be indeed godsent :p

Really interesting to hear your thoughts on old movies in this format. Never really re-watched mourning walls collapse after the first viewing. So there was quite a few things you pointed out I never noticed or had completely forgotten about.

Last changed: 19. April 2018 17:02
#7anthony Style-Productions 19. April 2018 17:01
Thanks buddy!
#8pray Kyoto 19. April 2018 17:02
You know what: I'd also looOOovvVVe a little history lesson by Dr. Perfetto in the same sort of format. A recap of all the big and importand releases each year, what sort of impact they had, editing trends or techniques that where very popular at the time etc.
#9anthony Style-Productions 19. April 2018 17:08
Now there is a novel idea. That would be a fun "special" episode
#10kab 19. April 2018 23:03
Nice one, Anthony! It was great to watch, one of my favourite movies back in the days. Looking forward to more episodes.
#11spEnc Dead and Buried 20. April 2018 20:34
Can we buy the hat? :D
#12how-hiGh_ HLAE 20. April 2018 21:11
I like the overall idea and execution, points to mention:

- I want that hat
- why everyone here calls your cap a "hat"
- annoying reflections on your wall from cars that are passing by on the street
- lol at filming ultra hd video about 640*480 movies
- your eyebrows are surprisingly thick, I bet you pack dense bush in your pants as well (no homo)

Last changed: 20. April 2018 21:12
#13xyanide Style-Productions 23. April 2018 20:34
#12 I can confirm the dense bush (yes homo).
#14anthony Style-Productions 24. April 2018 03:30
If only we had a Style store :D

-Cap is like a beanie, ya? Hat's a hat.  With a brim.
-Yes.  Hate it.  I live on a very busy road in the city.  But natural sunlight gives me good lighting.  Wish I had more lamps, ect.
- My eyebrows are themselves a character in the "show."  Should probably give them credit in the outro.

Last changed: 24. April 2018 03:31
#15Dec HLAE 24. April 2018 13:51
The text in the thumbnail @ YT is quite small also.
#16anthony Style-Productions 26. April 2018 18:37
ya ill fix that.  thought the same
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