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Anthony's Weekend Watch Episode 5

Written by anthony on 12. March 2018 21:21

This article was going to originally be about the inevitable delay of Echoes of 2017, but the article would literally be like, I dunno, 3 sentences.  Something along the lines of, "Hey guys, sorry, but Niklas and Daniel need more time to finish their parts.  I, on the other hand, am done."  Eh, that was 2 sentences.  Guess I'm more efficient than I thought.

So anyway, here's another episode of my Weekend Watch articles... on a Monday.  Let's begin.

Man, oh man.  Looking back at my teenage years, nothing got me more hyped watching a CS movie than a solid rock soundtrack.  It was one of those things that just instantly put me in the mood to rip some casuals in a pub.  Combine that with frags from one of the best teams in a "professionally produced" movie and you got yourself a classic.

What do you get when you combine some pretty good North Americans with some pretty good Norwegians?  You get really awkward ping discrepancies when you try to play together.  Also, you get a pretty dominant force in CS.  That's what seemed to happen when shaGuar, knoxville, Naikon, method, and bsl joined forces to create Norwegians of America.  They made some waves, had some success, and also spawned a really nostalgia inducing CS movie edited by Sebastian Poirier and co-directed by shaGuar.  If you haven't guess it yet, The Fellowship of NOA is this week's pick.

Who doesn't remember the 3D intro to this movie?  A terrorist walks over to a CT, smacks him upside the head, and tells him to pay attention to the movie.  Everyone here was like, "WOAAAAAA 3D ANIMATIONS!!! INSANE!!!11!one!!"  At that time, 3D animations were awesome no matter how bad.  After watching a generic couple of scenes of models running with momentum, Hoobastank kicks off the fragpart. 

I watched this right before typing up the article and I still get pumped to this day.  It's such an awesome song for showing highlights to.  The pan/crop keyframing to the "out of control" lyrics made me question everything I knew about moviemaking at the time.  Like, how did he do that?!  He's making the footage be out of control like the lyrics.  Ahmagerd.  And let's not forget about the TC Shine part at 3:30.  Your 17 year old self was like, "It's.  Just.  So.  Beautiful."  Soil was another fragpart that really brought to light have much hype a CS movie can create from the extra editing.  Those flashes during the choruses increased the intensity tenfold.  And of course, we can thank Adren[GX] for failing miserably at ramp so that one of the more famous audio lines was included in the fragpart. 

I think what made this movie so memorable was that Poirier and shaGuar weren't afraid to take risks and utilize unique directorial concepts to bring something fresh to the table.  From the Mr. Burns intermission to the Black-Eyed Peas dancing statue, this movie wanted to make a statement that a film can be hype-inducing and funny at the same time.  Many people can and should take notes when watching FoNOA.  Don't be afraid to try something new and stray from the beaten path.  It might be your best work if you do.

#1Sunot 13. March 2018 10:53
Unfortunately I only discovered this back in 2008-2009 when I was going on my cs movies binge run on gotfrag and ownage-cs. The thing about ShaGuar movies I noticed was he always made good quality ones with great songs. Bsl did the same with Catch so it was pretty awesome to see there's a professional cs player that knows how to make cs movies.
#2Dec HLAE 13. March 2018 11:06
When I read NoA, I think of NoA - The Two Continents.
#3H-L 13. March 2018 12:46
YESSSS. THE movie that inspired me, great choice!
#4anthony Style-Productions 13. March 2018 20:35
I wouldn't give too much credit to BSL for Catch the Future, Sunot. Most of that was all Pava.
#5Sunot 14. March 2018 09:50
thanks for that info anthony, I only remember 'bsl productions' on the opening title maybe I missed it in the credits? :(
#6anthony Style-Productions 14. March 2018 18:00
Should have said Style-Productions in the opening title :D
#7xyanide Style-Productions 15. March 2018 02:04
Definitely one of my favorites! The player presentation is really boring to watch but the rest is really entertaining. The bloopers part is fantastic.
#8H-L 15. April 2018 19:34
@Xya : Cant touch this!
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