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Echoes of 2017 Update & Information

Written by anthony on 1. March 2018 05:13

Hello, all 40 of our daily visitors.  Yes, I know, it's quite pathetic.  I think we had more people coming to the site during the span of 2012-2014 when we wrote nearly nothing except for some amateur song mixes I posted.  But hey, what are you going to do?  Maybe some old faces will come back around once we release our next movie which, uh, btw, is probably going to be in the next week or two.

Yes, you heard correctly.  In the next two weeks, Echoes of 2017 will finally be made public.  Trust me when I say that all three of us wish it was today.  But alas, it's not.  What is today, however, is a small update on what's going on with everyone's part.  Let's begin.

Xyanide: Mr. Hagelin draws first blood on the movie, as he was tasked with creating the intro and first fragpart.  Despite Dreamhack work getting in the way AGAIN (which he's employed full time by), he has been making steady progress over the last month.  He recently showed us a rough beta and even completed a decent template for the title screen.  He'll tell you he's clever for thinking of it.  In reality, he got inspiration from a transition I made in my part.  Trendy fucks, am I right?

Yes, things are moving along.  Today, he even remarked that his part is "starting to look like a movie, but only starting to."  At this point, we all collectively had a panic attack.  See, here's the caveat: Dan leaves March 12th to go be an editing superstar somewhere.  At this point, he will not be able to work on the movie for a long time.  So you see - production can't go past March 12 and the movie must be released by then.  Yes, your math is correct.  We have 12 days to finish the movie.  But it's all good cause I'm almost done.

Anthony: I'm next up in the fragpart.  I know, right?  I have to follow Dan.  Might as well just pack it in and go right to cRZYFST (lolol).  Anyway, I just gave a "final" beta to the boys to give me their scene-by-scene criticism.  Even Anjers joined in.  I call it "final" because all the scenes are pretty finalized minus polishing, of course.  And we all know how much polish my movies need.  Some minor volume issues or weird transition ideas just need altering before I have a completed ~4 minute part.  I'm pretty excited about what I've made especially with some of the feedback the boys have given me.  Hopefully it tops last year's production.

cRZYFST: Niklas brings up the rear (giggity) taking on the job of last fragpart and outro.  This man has been a hot mess.  For being a legitimate genius, he sure does get down on himself a lot.  I don't care what he says or what kind of tough guy routine he puts up; this guy really cares about creating an entertaining product and making sure the audience likes it.  With that being said, Niklas has been working through his part just as slowly as Dan minus the Dreamhack excuse.  He's given us a couple of betas and they've all been exponentially better than the previous ones.  He has one transition in the beginning of his part that puts a previous movie of mine to shame.  It's just so lovely.  I really enjoy seeing his ideas develop and watching as he works through the editing process.  He'll be a great end to a great movie.  He's even starting to collect frags for Echoes of 2018 already, but more on that a lot later.

So there you have it.  That's our current state of things.  In 10 days or less, we will hopefully be posting more than just my Weekend Watch articles as Style news.  And hopefully it holds up to the standards you have for us.  Until then...

#1Dec HLAE 1. March 2018 08:49
Deadlines, deadlines...
#2H-L 7. March 2018 11:45
one out of 40 bitches!
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