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Anthony's Weekend Watch Episode 4

Written by anthony on 23. February 2018 19:03

Last week, we discussed eoLithic and how impactful Zaknafein's editing style was for future atmospheric driven movies.  Then Zaknafein stopped by and wrote us a book.  Really though, the guy is the most long-winded individual I know.  I wonder if he likes to hear himself talk?  That's probably a hard yes.  Anyway, this week I wanted to switch it up and bring to the table a movie that spared ZERO expense when applying VFX to his movies.  This guy was the king of Trapcode Shine and 3D bullets.  Seriously, the dude treated Shine like he treated Frank's Red Hot: he put that shit on everything.  If you haven't guessed it yet, 3DMorgan is this week's top pick.

If you grew up watching CS movies in the early 2000's, it's impossible not to think of Maul every time Fourth Floor by BT plays.  That man defined this song.  From that first 3D bullet (with the subtle air turbulence detail trailing it) to that glowing displacement effect, this movie WOWed us as teenagers.  No one was putting movies out like this.  Not even Russia.  This guy just wanted to make the world sparkle and glow.  Fortunately for him, the movie doesn't age that horribly.  There are still some ugly zooms and weird opacity overlays from his glowing orbs.  He also loved using HLTV (yes, HLTV was what recorded third person demos and allowed people to spectate games back in the day) to do some weird tracking freecams, but it's still an exciting movie to watch.  Maul's sequencing choices were pretty spot on for such an early-age movie.  He knew when to slow it down with an awesome fire fight and when to speed it back up to maximize the song.

Ultimately, Maul helped us realize that CS movies can be like music videos.  We can add bling to our movies and make them prettier.  Unfortunately, he also opened the gateway to people abusing Trapcode and applying it generously to EVERYTHING.  But hey, like all new toys, we only needed time to learn.

#1xyanide Style-Productions 25. February 2018 02:38
Dec, unless you start spamming this news post I don't think we're going to end up with 27 comments.

Jokes aside this is one of the early heavy vfx movies that I looked up to. The 3d bullet scenes are unmatched even to this day and this makes me believe that maul was a genious. Lovely move that I'll rewatch over and over.
#2Dec HLAE 25. February 2018 18:11
This movie
#3Dec HLAE 25. February 2018 18:11
blew my mind
#4Dec HLAE 25. February 2018 18:11
back in the day.
#5mao 26. February 2018 03:56
hostile records next? :)
#6anthony Style-Productions 26. February 2018 16:10
I see what dec did there :-D

@mao: now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Nice suggestion!
#7H-L 26. February 2018 16:56
OOoOoh hostile with that cell-theme song, sick stuff.

first movie for me that made me rethink using the radial blur effect (the after effcts CC one with the orange glow)
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