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Champions by Calle

Written by anthony on 20. February 2018 21:30

Today, CS movie enthusiasts get to watch a new movie called "Champions."  Wait, what?  Didn't I already write an article about this?

*Goes back to the main page*

*Looks at the article list*

Oh, wow.  Didn't SiCKO just... and about the same... oh boy.  This is awkward.

Today, CS movie enthusiasts get to watch a new moive called "Champions."  Wait, what?

See what I did there?  It was a Groundhog's Day joke.  Because of SiCKO and Calle making the same... oh forget it.

Okay, seriously.  Cloud9's in-house moviemaker, Calle, finally got around to releasing his new movie about the team's spectacular Cinderella story from rags to riches... again.  For the 30th time.  But it's not Calle's fault 30 other people released their movies before his.  He had to "release 4 other videos a week" while editing this one.  That sounds like pure torture.  Unfortunately, it also shows.

I'm really getting good at preparing my articles before hand simply by having a conversation with the editor about their movie.  I say this because I'm about to repeat what I told Calle after he showed me an early version of the movie.  And I quote:

I think it goes without saying that this movie is pretty rushed.  I can imagine that you had Cloud9 administration breathing down your neck.  There are lots of stuff id probably change about it.  The biggest one is the soundtrack.  It's super boring.  Doesnt get me pumped at all and the shoutcasting sounds so odd overtop it.  It sucks seeing editors forced into glaringly uncreative and mundane work like this.

Yes, mundane is probably the word I'd use to describe this.  It felt like Calle was just going through uninspired motions of editing. 

Step 1. Throw a POV on the timeline

Step2. Throw the shoutcasting over top 

Step 3. Oh-shit-i-need-a-cam

Step 4. Record a static cam.

Ect, ect, ect.  There was nothing to get me excited about America's unexpect and impossible accomplishment.  Again, I blame this on the soundtrack.  Sure, there were many moments in some of the songs that Calle could have capitalized on, but was too busy lowering the volume and drowning it out with commentary.  But mostly, much of the soundtrack was just plain forgettable.  This is my biggest advice to all the aspiring editors out there: choose your OST wisely.  Your songs will dictate how dynamic and imaginative you can be.  They will also dictate how fast your viewers start daydreaming and wondering how 7 minutes has only passed on a 14 minute movie.

Hopefully, Calle has more time in the future to create something a little more unique and fresh.  Keep going!

#1Molen 22. February 2018 03:25
You should start writing scores as you did on PANIq's movie.

This is the best movie by Calle so far imo, it has some flaws and it looked rushed like you said and some parts I didn't like, but overall it's not bad and I got hyped by the final part, or maybe that's the context? I gotta give my props to Calle though. Good job!
#2anthony Style-Productions 22. February 2018 03:49
the score i gave paniq was an inside joke :D
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