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Best of Niko by PaperC

Written by anthony on 15. February 2018 18:31

In today's editing climate, CSGO superstars don't have to wait for BearArt to release his Toop Players movies in order to be showcased in the latest fragmovie.  Nor do they have to patiently idle at their computers while OfexY and Zermath work on the newest Adrenaline movie.  Today, they get their own solo highlight reel from numerous editors licking their chops for a chance to tinker with their incredible frags.  Coincidentally enough, that's what happened when PaperC discovered a guy named NiKo.  You may have heard of him... NiKo that is.  He's kind of good with the deagle.  Like, really good.

PaperC decided to do his best "crazy man" imitation and make a 16 minute fragmovie showcasing all of Niko's best kills.  16 minutes people... in 2018... who has time or an attention span for that?  We're all a bunch of millennials who want our coffee expensive and our fragmovies short and compact.  I kid, of course.  This is actually a breath of fresh air seeing a fragmovie this long.  Unfortunately, the length suffers from a lack of dynamic editing and other wise glaring technical flaws.

PaperC has an affliction that most editors today suffer from.  That is, he wants to cram every shoutcasting line ever conceived into his film.  And unfortunately, he does not do it subtly.  Weird fade-ins, blaring volume levels, and cut-off sentences all make an appearance throughout.  Most ruin the flow of the current scene and almost all take away from the momentum he's building with the song.  Concurrently the IGS also needs some tweaking, as it is a bit loud from time to time.

Aside from the audio aspect, PaperC's general video editing abilities are a bit simple: static hard cuts and numerous, one-dimensional cams that just really take me out of the scene I'm attempting to immerse myself in.  It's this journalist's opinion that the soundtrack adds to this editor's suffrage.  Other than Supermoves (classic), bland techno(?) contribute to the unassuming editing.

With all of the above said, PaperC keeps his editing clean for the most part.  There are no weird transitions or effects to be seen.  He appeals to the masses and offers some decent sync throughout (4:33 being my favorite).  I think with a bit more time invested into his projects, he can make something that shows more creativity and uniqueness.  I hope to see more!


#1H-L 17. February 2018 18:50
damni wasnt expecting such sick shots/kills. this guy got aim! had my interest thanks to the dnB music and the kills. 6.5/10
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