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The Curious Case of Virre - An Exposé

Written by anthony on 13. February 2018 02:05

You may have heard of an American team called Cloud9 that recently won a certain major tournament and is now at the forefront of every analyst roundtable discussion.  You may have also heard of a 20-year-old Swede that does not sleep.  Seriously, this guy is a robot.  That's the only way he can edit this much.  He just doesn't go to bed.  His name is Virre and he's a robot editor from the future.  And he has made yet ANOTHER video about the current Cloud9 roster and their best frags.

Virre is clean.  Not from drugs... well, maybe.  I don't know.  Virre, did you do drugs and then go to rehab and now you've resorted to editing full time in order to not regress into your old habits?  It's okay... we'll wait.

Anyday now, Virre.  Seriously, the article can't go on without an answer.

Alright, I'm bored.

No, Virre isn't clean from drugs.  He's clean in the sense that his videos rarely have technical flaws.  They're cut relatively nicely aside from some loud commentary or IGS at times.  But other than that, it's very hard to find something wrong with them.  It's also very hard to find something distinguishable about themBecause that seems to be the problem with Virre.  All of his movies look the same.  Their soundtracks all blend together and there are no memorable scenes to reflect upon after you view the film. 

For a man that (in his own words) puts "Quality before Quantity," he sure has been doing just the opposite.  I'm sure it's not for the lack of trying.  Perhaps it's just that he's trying too hard to pump out too many movies.  This is unfortunate, as he is quite reliable for having something new to watch on his Youtube channel most weeks.  But for a website like Style that wants a new movie to write about from time to time, we also want a new movie that doesn't look like the one before it.  Perhaps we have this all wrong, though.  Maybe predictability is what the audience wants.  His 200,000 subscribers and 24,000,000 accumulated views would claim otherwise.

#1callemvm 13. February 2018 14:38
That space Between Cloud and 9 is triggering me!

Ive been following Virre's journey since his first CSGO videos back in 2014 and already from beginning he pumped out videos almost weekly and hasn't stopped since. The quality of his videos has definitely increased over time and even if his style isnt my cup of tea I cant do anything but respect his hard work. 

The biggest issues I have with his videos is his pacing. It doesnt seem to matter if he uses a high energy Rock song or some slow piano music, it always feels the same with lots of downtime between frags. His style does a good job of showing the frags but Ive never really gotten excited or pumped after watching his videos which is something I personally think is important in fragmovies.

Even though its obvious on his numbers that his formula and style works really well and has an audience I would love to see him try something different and be more creative.
#2xyanide Style-Productions 14. February 2018 22:03
Say what you want about his editing, but at the end of the day he is more successful in the scene than anyone of us.
#3anthony Style-Productions 14. February 2018 23:57
Depends how you define "successful" :D
#4xyanide Style-Productions 15. February 2018 00:34
24,000,000 accumulated views is what I define as successful ^^ And that is with his own original content, unlike many huge channels that rip footage directly from streams.
#5anthony Style-Productions 15. February 2018 03:16
Fair enough :-)
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