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Anthony's Weekend Watch Episode 2

Written by anthony on 10. February 2018 01:08

Last week, I opened up the inaugural article of Anthony's Weekend Watch with Mousesports 2004.  I talked about Kala's ability to direct and sequence his movies with highs and lows.  This week, I'm featuring somebody who threw pacing out the window with his movie and assaulted the viewer's eyes and ears with 9 minutes of furious action.  Sozou didn't care if you wanted a slow-paced, atmospheric movie.  All he cared about was taking the hottest techno songs and compiling them into a 5:40 second megamix... then he added Linkin Park - Faint in.  U Wot, M8?  If you haven't guessed yet, Hard Clan: Die Hard is this week's top pick.

The reason why every movie started to have really bad, epic trailers in the early 2000's is because of Sozou.  Dramatic music accompanied flashes of CT's and T's engaged in a clash of good and evil.  Text flashes in sync with the music telling us of the battle at hand.  Adrenaline grows as you prepare for whatever fragmovie is to come.  You look back on it now and just shake your head.  Holy cheesy exposition, Batman.  The only person more guilty of this is Mr. Pillars of Deception himself.  The pan/crop zooms and weird freezed cams of player models shooting just all add to the outdated nature of this intro.  However at the time, your mind was blown.  How did Sozou DO that?!

The fragpart's soundtrack mix was one of the best at the time (of all time?) and really started the trend of people using techno/electronic songs (as opposed to rock heavy mixes at the time). Non stop, in your face, pulse pounding action from start to finish.  I mean, does it really get better than feeling the power?  Or liking it like that?  Or HOLDING YOUR HANDS UP HIGH!?!?  There are so many moments in this OST that get you pumped even 15 years later.  Unfortunately, the downfall to this movie is the Linkin Park section IMO.  Like Kala's use of techno in MS04, Sozou's use of Faint in this movie is so random and out-of-touch with the rest of the soundtrack.  I really feel bad for Crovean/Tyrant, because their frag section just doesn't feel right to me.  That being said, I really like the sequencing during it and the frags are sick.

As for the outro, well, you're 16 and there are babes with skimpy outfits engaging in very suggestive activities while outtakes and bloopers play.  Nothing gets better.  Also, "Wow, ace, dude," was born.  Everyone knows this line.  Even my mother.  I'm not sure how.  Maybe I said it in my sleep once... or she's a closet gamer.  Please let it be the latter.


#1xyanide Style-Productions 10. February 2018 11:00
This was one of the first (if not the first) movies that I saw where the editor really put some time into the editing, and that had a huge impact on my interest for making movies. The soundtrack was absolutely mind blowing and I still love it 15 years later. Faint can gtfo tho. DJ Spectre who made the techno/trance mix is now an artist known as John De Sohn.
#2neigh 10. February 2018 18:44
This movie was truly ahead of its time, as is evident by the fact people were still trying to put out rip-offs of its style years and years later.  I am actually pretty impressed how well it stood the test of time in terms of frags/editing/overall quality of the vid.  I hadn't seen this movie in quite a long time so it was a nice refresher to see its name come up here, hat tip again on the series Ant.  I still definitely dig the soundtrack and the frags held up! See y'all next week
#3anthony Style-Productions 10. February 2018 19:07
Ya, it's amazing how contemporary sozou was when he created this.  I mean, FFS, he made TV simulator look good!  There were some weird slo mos during really intense parts, but all the transition syncs and sequence of frags made this feel like a music video and less like a fragmovie.  I think that's why it was so impactful.
#4H-L 14. February 2018 14:01
1 VS 4...

Still love this, one of my top movies from the early days and maybe even from the newer ones, this jsut stands out as the top of the top, skill and editing wise.
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