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Rise of Fire by JaCobb

Written by anthony on 7. February 2018 03:52

In an era where cookie cutter movies are created for the sake of Youtube views and monetary compensation, it's always refreshing to see a film that has a prevalent editor's touch.  I had the opportunity to view one such movie today that had me applauding the creator's efforts for the first time in a while.  Rise of Fire, created by JaCobb, offers an epic journey into the Cinderella story that is team Quantum Bellator Fire.  It "tells the tale" of how they fragged their way to the quarter finals where they were knocked out of eLeague Boston by NaVi.

This 5 minute movie is accompanied by the haunting sounds of Hidden Citizens.  The wailing vocals offer a chance to really establish an atmospheric movie.  JaCobb capitalizes with proper directorial decisions and timely sequences; he does so through cleanliness. VFX are nearly completely absent and syncing is moderate at best.  What really makes this movie memorable is his camera work.  He establishes a specific style here with his angles and use of DOF.  Despite his camera work not really changing much throughout and becoming a bit static, I still remained interest and immersed.  The only downfall I can see some people observing is his interesting choice to disable resampling for his footage.  The lack of motion blur creates a visually laggy viewing experience.  I understand that many viewers approve of this and prefer it, but I have yet to comprehend why.

Despite the minor aforementioned flaw, I am excited to see more from this editor.  I hope he continues to grow and develop his talent.  If so, Style might consider an acquisition in the near future :D

#1callemvm 7. February 2018 08:48
I had never heard of this guy before I saw this video and I was instantly hooked. Already from the first 10 seconds I could tell it was going to be a high quality movie and it definitely didnt disappoint, the camera work was fantastic and the style was really refreshing and interesting to watch. 
The only downside for me would be his choice to use RSMB on fragparts, for me the constant twitching on the crosshair and deathnotice is just distracting and removes from the viewer experience.

EDIT: Also have to give this guy huge props on making a video this good in such short time, considering the major just ended one week ago.

Last changed: 7. February 2018 08:49
#2JaCobb 7. February 2018 23:03
Had to create an account for this!
First of all, thank you Anthony for this amazing article, I feel really honored. I had the same feeling when I read your article that I had when I was just starting editing and bigger editors used to leave positive feedback on my videos. It's just amazing!

A little bit about my mindset when it comes to editing: I used to make simple fragmovies that focuses mostly on highlighting frags (still do from time to time), but through out my career I understood that it's the story that makes fragmovies special. So with my latest and upcoming videos I try to tell the story while showcasing frags and I believe I accomplished that with "Rise of Fire".

Also thanks for the feedback. I still consider whether to go for 30fps with small amount of RSMB or go 60fps with no resample. I usually go for 30fps cause I lack hdd space for 60fps projects xd

Once again thank you Anthony(Calle as well), I hope I won't disappoint you with my future projects :)
#3xyanide Style-Productions 8. February 2018 01:36
This was definitely a great watch! The few things that I would comment on is the lack of resampling, the twitchy killfeed/crosshair and that the campaths became a bit predictable half way through. You seem to have two presets in your head when you make a cam:

1) 5cm above the ground with an upwards angle.
2) Following the edge of an object or wall.

There are exceptions of course, but not that many. I suggest you switch it up a bit, but most people will probably not think of it, so don't put too much thought into this feedback. Regardless of this the cams themselves looked great and I can't wait to see more from you in the future.
#4anthony Style-Productions 8. February 2018 19:09
No problem JaCobb!  Keep making fragmovies special!
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