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Anthony's Weekend Watch Episode 1

Written by anthony on 3. February 2018 02:48

The Style guys and I have had numerous discussions in the past about our favorite CS movies of all time.  We have hashed out what made the early 2000's such a great period in CS moviemaking and why the films released then were so good.  In all honesty, it's probably nostalgia that makes them so.  Frame rate and recording quality were low, FX were primitive and haven't aged well at all, and music compilation and mixing were subpar.  However, there were some movies that transcended these early millenium flaws and made an impact on how we edit today.  Directing, atmosphere, flow, and sequencing were pinnacle in these releases.  In this new weekly Friday series, I aim to spotlight 10+ year-old movies that were ahead of their time.  Mousesports 2004 is this week's top pick.

Mousesports 2004 is one of those movies that wasn't afraid to slow down the pace of the movie just so it can build to a climax and take off.  The whole film was based on this concept.  Naturally, Michael Weicker intros were notoriously well directed and exciting; this one was no different.  The movie starts off with a lot of energy and fast tempo.  His freecams were and always will be a huge inspiration for many Style members like Andreas and myself.  More so his original "white bar" letterboxing and his interesting color scheme choices show that Kala tried to really make this iteration unique. 

It's my personal opinion that the "electronic" section of the movie is a bit lacking and out of place with the rest of the movie.  I tend to dismiss it from 1:55 to 4:25.  After this point, the movie really defines itself.  The pacing, the directorial decisions, the build up at multiple points... it all truly shows how much Kala knew how to maximize his song choices.  The buildup to the bullet scene in pit on D2 is one of my favorite sequences in CS editing history. Kala just knows how to work the tension and showed it beautifully here. That segue to the outro too.  So much beauty in a video game movie.

#1neigh 4. February 2018 04:27
This is a series i can get behind, ill be checking back to see these whenever you drop them man
#2anthony Style-Productions 4. February 2018 19:40
Ya bro! Thought it would be fun to revisit older movies and get some lively discussion back on the site. 
#3xyanide Style-Productions 8. February 2018 13:50
Such a great and nostalgic movie <3
#4H-L 8. February 2018 18:06
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! the 6min 3D bullet hahaha...I remember watching this and I was in awe wondering how they did it so watching it back im like damn, that doesnt really look good at all(but for that time it did). Love this!
#5xyanide Style-Productions 9. February 2018 01:52
The 3d bullets in this movie looked awful even back then. But that doesn't make it less of a good movie.
#6TQBI 10. February 2018 20:38 thats what michael weicker is up to nowadays

Last changed: 10. February 2018 20:45
#7anthony Style-Productions 12. February 2018 18:10
Oh wow.  welcome back, stranger.  thanks for the link/update.  he's been a busy man
#8xyanide Style-Productions 12. February 2018 20:56
Some people were just meant to do great things. MW is one of them.
#9anthony Style-Productions 13. February 2018 00:42
What's even more impressive was his drive to brand himself/promote his skill.  Having his CS movies appear on television, ect just shows that he was a motivated, intelligent man.
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