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The State of Style

Written by anthony on 18. January 2018 04:55

Hey guys!

I suppose everyone who still visits the site deserves a little update on the status of our lovely community and the editing team.  As you're all very aware, we've been a tad bit inactive as far as posting articles and general movie making news goes.  To simply put, our attention and interest have been elsewhere.  RIPieces did a great job picking up the slack for a couple of years, but I'm sure he has other things he'd rather devote his energy towards.  And me, well, you know, life man. 

But have no fear!  I woke up the other day, took a look at the site, and was all like, "You know... it be fun to start writing again.  I enjoyed it then.  I'd like to enjoy it now." And also, I'm pretty much the only lunatic who actually still cares about keeping this gem active.  Actually, I lied.  There was a time when Dalius, Ikay, Pava, Xyanide, cRZYFST, and myself were all working on a brand new site design.  Yes, Style v2.0 was in the making at one point in 2015.  It was really fucking awesome looking.  Xyanide had a sick layout and cRZYFST was coding it.  If we get enough interest, maybe we'll start working on it again.  Who knows!

Anyway, I'm going to start posting some more news articles in the future and throw some released movies from other editors in there.  Drop me a line on Twitter or on the site here if you find any.  Other than that, let's talk about Echoes of 2017.  Production is full steam ahead and has been for 2 months now.  We REALLLLLY started late on it this year.  I think we began in July in 2016.  In 2017, we didn't really start until November, which put us way behind.  Despite that, Niklas, Dan, and I are editing every day and we think this year's edition will be better than last year's.  We also have a surprise for all the old school editors out there who have been fans of CS editing since the early 2000's.  Call it our homage to our favorite hobby.  We hope you like it.  Look for the release next month (fingers crossed).

Okie dokie.  I think thats it.  Look forward to hearing from you guys.



#1H-L 19. January 2018 16:50
author wrote:
 Look for the release next month (fingers crossed).

No way. If this is real im exited AF!!1!!! good to have you guy(s?) back :)

Last changed: 19. January 2018 16:52
#2Dec HLAE 20. January 2018 14:42
That would be nice, BUUUT, not to sound pessimistic, do you think a new site design would help anything? Are you aiming to get new members on here? There would probably have to be some sort of social media integration then if you want "young" moviemakers here, or something that feels up to date in this era of social media, reddit and youtube.
#3H-L 30. January 2018 10:18
fuck new members we da old clicque no need fo newq membz yo!

seriously though, if this site stays as infrequently updated we have no real need for new members as they will leave as soon as 'we' have an inactive month on the site. much rather focus on keeping users than to attract new ones. Only way of doing that is keeping up with news items and interactivity.
#4anthony Style-Productions 30. January 2018 21:38
It was less about getting new community memebers and more about just creating something clean and streamlined that we liked.  We had ideas for a user-submitted blog/news spot, really fresh looking project section and media CV, and other neat aspects.  I think there was some social media integration.  I'd have to look at our brain dump.  I'm still excited by the prospect.  Don't think Niklas and Dan are, though.
#5Dec HLAE 8. February 2018 09:54
Random thought/suggestion: Would it be possibly to purge the database of inactive accounts, in order to free up some usernames for new users, give the server less data to handle (if that even matters) and since you had a security breach a few years ago, wouldn't it be good to purge those accounts that haven't been updated even after the breach?

Nearly 20 000 total users, and how many of those are active today? 20-30?

Last changed: 8. February 2018 09:55
#6anthony Style-Productions 8. February 2018 19:08
Good question.  We don't really want to touch our user database in case some old users decide to come back.  It has happened in the past and with the current "active" state I have the site in, it could happen again.  We have about 50 active users a day.  It's risen in the past month too ever since i started writing again, so we're trending up!
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