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Mythic Reborn - Luminary (CS:GO Fragmovie)

Written by ripieces on 14. May 2017 08:52

Mythic Reborn - Luminary (CS:GO Fragmovie)

Frag movie by SickoCS.

#1Dec HLAE 14. May 2017 10:02
For aesthetic purposes, shouldn't the intro, or at least the title in the intro, have the same style as the outro text? The simple white texts in the intro felt very generic and boring. The fragparts also felt generic / simple / "safe" and not much to sync to using that music.
#2JJz 14. May 2017 16:27
This was pretty mediocre to me, not good or bad.
Some nice smooths and cool stuff with the flashbang at 3:27.
I liked his previous videos more.
#3SiCKO 14. May 2017 19:51
Dec wrote:
For aesthetic purposes, shouldn't the intro, or at least the title in the intro, have the same style as the outro text? The simple white texts in the intro felt very generic and boring. The fragparts also felt generic / simple / "safe" and not much to sync to using that music.

The intro/title is left pretty plain as I felt it fit with the more acoustic/classic audio in the beginning. And the outro text is more representative of the mood towards the end of the video. Perhaps it just came off as being lazy, which I don't balme anyone for thinking. Probably could have made more out of it.

And I do agree with you Dec, about the fragparts being too safe. Although that was the goal, (as it was something I believe the players themselves wanted) I probably could have experimented even more. I've definitely done better work imo, story wise etc.

Last changed: 14. May 2017 19:51
#4anthony Style-Productions 16. May 2017 02:07
Aight man! So finally checked this out.  I'll break it down into timestamps like my old school von Constatine reviews except you won't get the asshole that usually accompanied them. ( for reference as to what I'm talking about)

I really liked where you were going in the beginning.  It really set the stage for what the movie was going to be about.  However, I felt you derailed your entire narrative before it even began.  A simple fade to black from the "intro" and then some savage music and disorienting action.  No real lead up that told the viewer that they were about to prove their naysayers wrong.  Just straight into frags.  Really weird transition and directorial decision on your end, mate.

Also, you had this tendency to use the same formula throughout the movie.  Frag, freecam, frag, freecam.  It ruined the pacing and made for a harsh viewing experience.

Lastly before the timestamps start: Can you guys stop with the fog?  I promise you... akidos, Phinx, Sicko, Jannis, insert innerchanhable editor... the fog adds nothing to the movie.  if anything, youtube just fucks the video up more because of it and it makes it hard to see the frags at times (See scene at 2:35).  We all know everyone has been raping this since FGW did it.  So please, just let him have it.  Youll be doing yourself a favor.
#5anthony Style-Productions 16. May 2017 02:08
:41/3:27 - lol at this "sound effect."  Havent seen this abused this badly since 2006 when Chillside used to do it and then everyone copied.  This has slowly been making a comeback in mainstream movies these days and thats not a good thing.

:59 - 1:02 -- You are super confusing in your editing.  At times, you have zero imagination and go for the really easy/boring syncs and other times, you do something really playful like this that makes me smile and chuckle.  Great work here.  This is a prime example of what editors need to do more of these days.

1:17- this would be an example of easy/bring sync and/or weird VFX.  Really weird wallhack.

2:03 - i really like where you were going with this, but i just dont think you executed it correctly.  Super hard to see what happened there as 80% of the dying CT model was hidden by the wall.

2:07 - bah! so much you could have done here, mate.  Come on!

2:31 - i like what the idea here.  probably could have come up with something more clever to show it though.

3:02 - 3:18 had so much potential!!!!!!!! Sicko please! You cant throw away oppOrtunities for some sick syncing and VFX like that.
#6anthony Style-Productions 16. May 2017 02:08
3:53-3:58 - Playful use of the song/gun shots.  Do more of this!

4:08 - again, wallhack needs work.  Play with the colors/softness/glow more.  Looks weird.

4:29 - :D

5:24 - weird shake that i think was meant to be synced to a rumbling sound, but it didnt come through loud enough.

6:04 - thought this part could have used A LOT more power to it.  definitely didnt hit the climax that it should have.

Fun ending.  Thought you should have spaced out the texts in equal portions cause I sat there a little expecting the title to pop up and it never did (obviously, it did, but not when "the viewer" expected it to).  

?Ultimately, I hope you take my suggestions and use them to increase the quality of your next project.  I think, as you stated before, that you take the easy/lazy route far too often because that's what will get views.  But we already have too many "editors" that take that route.  What we need are more gems.  Be the gem, sicko!  BE THE GEM/
#7Molen 16. May 2017 07:45
#BETHEGEM movement!!!!
#8anthony Style-Productions 16. May 2017 14:43
#9SiCKO 16. May 2017 15:01
As always I really appreciate your feedback, Anthony! I'm not able to formulate a lenghty response at the moment, but know read it all and I agree with a lot of the things you mention. (Time crunch would be my excuse for poor execution on some parts, but theres no reason to dwell on stuff like that)

And fyi, it was Frank that convinced me too use the FOG a while back and Ive just kept it.. Blame him for my wrong-doings!

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