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Echoes of 2016

Written by r on 22. January 2017 21:54

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After fighting some universal desire to delay this movie beyond the date we wanted to release it, we finally managed to get it out yesterday before the major started.  We really wanted to show the world how we always envisioned a "Best of" movie would look like.  Hopefully we succeeded.  Download link on the media page, per usual.  Enjoy.


#1anjers iceCake 22. January 2017 23:32
I honestly thought that fragpart1 was made by xya, cause that fragpart was lit as f**k, so you cant really get a better compliment than that nik! I kinda feel that there could be some more effects there and here throughout the movie, but I guess the meaning of this movie was to show the frags mainly, but the editing is supergood and some of the syncing in ant's part is amazing!
I also wan't to give a shoutout to ripieces, this movie wouldn't be nearly as good without the HLAE-tool, so u da real mvp!
#2Dec HLAE 23. January 2017 11:46
More Glitch Mob! how-hiGh is gonna love that once again :P

10 minutes! The longest CS:GO movie ever by S-P. I feared it would become boring after a while, but since you were several editors, each of you brought excitement to their fragpart. One possible downside of being several editors on the same project could cause a weird theme, or rather it could've been fragparts with different themes that didn't feel connected, but here you all kept a similar style so it felt connected. Plus the transitions weren't simple fade to black.

I think you struck a good balance between frags and editing. As anjers said, I wouldn't mind more "risk" in effects, but I suppose that's for "experimental" movies such as FTA and not a "Best of" movie.

Overall I enjoyed it. Those transitions and cams are some next level shit. (Pardon my French) I especially liked how some cams flowed together into the POV. 3:39, 7:46 and 9:24 are probably my favourite moments with such cams. 9:24+ especially is some next level cinematography.


Last changed: 23. January 2017 11:51
#3xyanide Style-Productions 23. January 2017 21:28
Thanks for the lovely words, fellas! I wouldn't mind seeing some more effects and transitions in my part, but I didn't have enough time for more of that stuff. All the Dreamhack work this winter really screwed up my plans for this movie, but I think it turned out alright anyway.

#4r Style-Productions 23. January 2017 22:18
Next level cinematographer right here! In your face Dan and Nik!
#5Zaknafein Style-Productions 24. January 2017 12:09
Good job guys, I especially loved the cinematography. Very nice shots.
#6Molen 24. January 2017 17:18
#1 same shit man. 
#7spEnc Dead and Buried 24. January 2017 17:33
dat campath on barrbarr's frag tho! i've never seen anyone utilize smoothing as good as this. def the coolest csgo movie i've seen so far!
#8ripieces HLAE 24. January 2017 17:49
Very cool movie, chose it to be the first in the advancedFX 2017 playlist on the Media page for now.
And very much thanks for the thanks :-)
#9H-L 24. January 2017 21:58
WHAT STYLE MADE A MOVIE? time to chromecast that shit!
#10H-L 24. January 2017 22:12
i want MORE OF THIS.
this is the first 10/10 I give a cs;go movie, fuck guys you've earned it. This is GREAT
+effects on point
+cams on point
+new/original transitions
+great soundmixing
+colors were good, rendeiring was great(crosshair was really nicely done here)
+perfect lenght of fragparts
+great voice over editing, made it stick together really well
+i love style productions
-It has no "Thanks H-L" in it, which might cause riots in Holland.

damn guys, I cant say enough how much I loved watching this, refreshing in all manners.
#11Samwise 27. January 2017 00:08
Fucking sick guys, it took guts to find the time and energy to make something like this at your age, respect. For me it brought back the forgotten feeling of enjoying this medium. Great work, thank you!
#12dn1_91 31. January 2017 12:05
@ #10

11 years of dickriding... how did you do it?

ontopic; pretty cool movie, but it looks like someone from HLTV  made it, some hyped up commentary voices with GOTV frags. Agree on some campath being original and nice :)

#13Georgy Glau MovieNations 1. February 2017 07:58
Really good job guys, rare stuff.
#14H-L 4. February 2017 01:05
lol DICKRIDING, you dont even know how... Newbie ;)
#15neigh 6. February 2017 07:01
really nice work boys, xya has been my favorite editor for probably like 10 years (dreamscape 2) but i have to say anthony stole the show here. So cinematic man, scene development in the early part of your segment was amazing and the camera work throughout was great. Great synch too ant, nice work gents.
#16r Style-Productions 8. February 2017 03:35
Thanks buddy!  Means a lot!
#17Sm0rF 21. February 2017 22:38
Good job! still got it <3
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