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Trenches by cZF

Written by ripieces on 10. March 2016 21:22

[CS:GO] Trenches by cZF

#1czu 10. March 2016 21:58
I have been waiting for something like this. Finaly a movie worth 8.1/10 note. GJ
#2xyanide Style-Productions 11. March 2016 05:15
A sync masterpiece!
#3Dec HLAE 11. March 2016 11:48
Nice sync. Nice touch with the claps. Liked it more than Repeat/Rewind. 7.957/9.999

how-hiGh should love this because of Glitch Mob.
#4ripieces HLAE 11. March 2016 13:01
I like the sync and reaction to the music.

Good job.
#5how-hiGh_ HLAE 11. March 2016 20:28
GOAT csgo movie (srs)

Last changed: 11. March 2016 20:29
#6Dec HLAE 13. March 2016 14:17
a) Only 5 comments? Where did the community go? Were they hacked or som... oh...

b) Still too lazy to add this to the media section @cZF? You (or someone else) bothered to change the frontpage header, but not making a header and thumbnail for the media section???

c) So did you accept that offer(s) in the Youtube comments (older videos) about subbing each other or don't you give a shit about that? :)

d) I was right about how-hiGh.
#7xyanide Style-Productions 13. March 2016 19:46

a) Too lazy to reset their passwords ;>

b) I even made banners for the fucker to add it in the media section. I guess me or tony has to do it, otherwise we won't see it there :P

c) I don't recall this. What would subscribing to each other do?

d) Good call.
#8Dec HLAE 13. March 2016 20:58
I also noticed your [S-P] channel has comments in the discussion section. Have you noticed those or ignoring them?
#9anthony Style-Productions 13. March 2016 22:48
Oh wow.  totally didn't know that section existed.  Guess I should probably answer them half a year later...

And ya, not sure what you mean by asking if we "accepted offers to sub".  Don't recall ever seeing those offers and don't know what you see on our channel that would suggest something like that

and yes, if you want to meet someone even more lazy than Xyanide or me, then Nik is your man.  Dude can't even write his own article or post his own movie to the media section.

Last changed: 13. March 2016 22:51
#10Molen 14. March 2016 22:01
What can I say? This was entertaining as fuck, rly liked the song and everything, good job!
#11Krp1 neebs will rise 16. March 2016 16:15
It was fun, good work! 
#12flouchy Easy Productions 19. March 2016 19:56
master of sync <3
#13Dec HLAE 20. March 2016 19:28
flouchy, how goes Skill.WORLD? Is it still in production? :~D
#14H-L 22. March 2016 02:12
loved it really.
#15destruktor Authentic-Pictures 17. April 2016 18:02
Fucking masterpiece. Insane sync. Color correction was a bit weird though, IMO. A bit too strong.
#16neigh 15. June 2016 02:30
This movie was amazing, exactly what I expected out of cRZYFST despite my comment shitting on your last movie. This was great, and along with Xyanide's Less Travelled the two best movies I have seen in CS:GO by far
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