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Sennheiser Cluj-Napoca Commercial

Written by r on 26. October 2015 20:00

Titan DreamHack Cluj-Napoca trailer


#1-PANIq Authentic-Pictures 26. October 2015 20:15
didn't like it at all to be honest, I find it really mediocre

the text animations were looking boring, the colors were way too dark on cbble and inferno and IMO the work that you supposedly put into that one second transition wasn't worth it because... it's just a one second transition that isn't even catchy enough to make me rewind it and examine the way it was made...

on the other hand atleast there was proper sync and I agree about the sound work (really liked the way that semmler's voice echoes out)

not gonna complain about the RL footage as I know it wasn't up to you but overall it was far from influencing me in any way

side note: it's probably completely irrelevant and rather unfortunate coincidence but... even the finals are held during the same time as Cluj-Napoca
#2H-L 27. October 2015 00:35
Liked the song, liked the voice editing, the builup was okay, not SUPERGREAT 
give it a 6.5/10 for a csgo trailer
#3Dec HLAE 27. October 2015 14:35
The in-game footage was pretty cool. Same style in From the Ashes?? :~)
#4r Style-Productions 28. October 2015 00:55
Ha. Dom is so weird naming the article "48 seconds". Anyway, there was so much wrong with this job before I started editing that I'm surprised I produced something this good.  It's not even a hype trailer. It's actually a Sennheiser product commercial that Titan wanted to pass off as a hype trailer, but it just doesn't work. 

Aside from that Paniq, It's hardly mediocre and you know it. You're just being difficult as always. Ya, the design of the text could use some work, but its effective and an upgrade from my notoriously bad text design.  Again, Doms really weird talking about how much work I "supposedly" put into the "1 second" mask scene as it doesn't really matter nor does anyone care. It's not supposed to make you rewind it.  It's not supposed to do anything other than maintain flow in the clip.  I don't know why RIPieces felt the need to mention that in the article, but I certainly didn't find the need for him to.

Sorry(?) Paniq for not influencing you(?). Its not supposed to influence anyone other than please the company that hired and paid me, which it did. So, job well done IMO. 
#5Krpi Neebs 28. October 2015 15:11
Well that was weird. I can believe things got confusing in the planning phase because it really did come out confused. I have to agree: it just doesn't work. 

Also, you're above those corny hype texts, hahah. 
#6anjers iceCake 28. October 2015 15:24
Write the articles by yourselfe then
#7r Style-Productions 28. October 2015 18:10
Jers why don't you write the articles? Then we'll have something to laugh at instead of arguing needlessly over :-P

@krpi: almost as corny as witnessing the impossible and unbelievable, right xyanide? :-D let's be honest. All this "hype trailers" come with a side of cheese.  And I had no choice but to add some sort of overly epic cheese into the clip or it would have felt empty.  Take it with a grain of salt. 

Last changed: 28. October 2015 18:27
#8Krpi Neebs 28. October 2015 19:44
Oh I know it's expected rather than something you guys specifically want to put there. But then again, I never felt you were ones to settle merely for what's expected. 
#9r Style-Productions 28. October 2015 23:10
Hands are tied when you're working for someone, my friend :-D
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