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Written by ripieces on 3. September 2015 17:59 Overcome

ErazeMedia finally releases their CS:GO movie, which they announced about 2 months ago.

After a little flood of Source Film Maker (SFM) for CS:GO movie making tutorials by MovieNations, it comes to no surprise that we see even in professional CS:GO movies heavy usage of SFM.

While this has great potential, there is a notable difference between what is game-footage and what is "acted" in SFM. Some of the SFM parts feel clumsy and especially the knife scene will probably remember some people that have seen the CS 1.6 Alive movie by MixeP of the still on-going discussion how potentially overdone CG elements can ruin a frag movie, though contrary to Overcome I wouldn't count Alive as frag movie. We'll have to see whether SFM usuage will get better as users become more sophistcated in it or not.

I personally liked the custom death notifications.

Let us know in the comments:
What do you think of the SFM elements in this movie? What was good about the movie what was bad? Can "acted" elements and frag movies fit together?

#1ripieces HLAE 3. September 2015 18:17
I want to add, that the SFM parts are not necessarily bad, but I didn't like some of them especially the bomb plant on de_nuke.
#2Dec HLAE 3. September 2015 19:22
The SFM elements weren't that many and didn't feel "over the top", just felt like a bonus effect to "amplify" the scene. In the intro it felt a bit random though, especially since the terrorists lost the round (or got killed) when the movie was presented with them.

The movie had some interesting concepts and minor details which I kind of liked, such as the deathnotices and added realism to the sniper scope. Most of it looked high quality, though I'm not sure if those are Magic Bullet colours??

P.S. Imagine Requiem with SFM elements... wouldn't that be great? Food for thought.
#3akidos Style-Productions 3. September 2015 23:20
I liked it!
#4xyanide Style-Productions 4. September 2015 00:18
I got enough of SFM the first minute so I didn't watch further. Very poorly executed.
#5ripieces HLAE 4. September 2015 07:16
#5 you should really watch it further :D
SFM is a thing now :P
#6r Style-Productions 4. September 2015 07:24
we dont want it to be a thing...
#7-PANIq Authentic-Pictures 4. September 2015 10:19
#5 exactly my thoughts...
#8rich hillbillyjunkies 4. September 2015 10:58
Why do people feel the OCD-like need to sync every pistol shot? It annoys the shit out of me.
#9Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 4. September 2015 11:18
In my opinion author didn't have an idea for this movie. Or he had 5.. First 3d stuff.. #1 Yeah, Gagarin with a bomb it's a bad idea. And I didn't get intro with a c4 and Virtus pro logo. Pointless effect. There wasn't so many 3d shots as I thought but yeah.. without them it would be better.

Then we have a presentation of the team but it's not really a presentation. There is an action of snax and 'snax' on the screen. But then there is text 'Taz'. So ok, I'm waiting for the next players. We have another shot and there is an action of pasha and playerbar with pasha. ok. Then end of action. Nope. Just 3d shot with a terrorist and 'Neo' text but it's still pasha's action and it wasn't Neo. Pasha killed this guy and text 'byali' like it was byali but it wasn't. So I was fooled two times in this scene.. It looks like Xeon tried to make One player One action intro but it was too long and he had to add names of others to those two.

Then we have normal fragmovie. I liked the knife scene. Short and cool angle 2:14.
And then we have action of pasha from EMS and strange things happened. HUD-mania.
Video of pasha, got AK/got smoke texts, map of the nuke, pictures with guns and reloading. In the middle of the movie. Why not earlier?

So I wasn't impressed. It's ok to watch but nothing more. Less is more.

btw. ErazeMedia logo looks like EA sports.
#10kab 4. September 2015 12:22
I liked it :) Kept my attention through all the length of the movie.

So I was impressed. It's more than ok to watch and even something more. More is less.
#11Krpi Neebs 5. September 2015 09:21
Can't say I have a problem with SFM. I think the scenes (can) look good enough so they don't look out of place like the usual 3D stuff does. The problem is the lack of thought that gets put into these scenes. The tunnel bit in the intro was fine, it was separate from the fragging so it didn't disrupt anything and it had complicated movement in it which warranted the use of SFM. Too bad the scene didn't go anywhere. Good use of SFM, bad writing. 

On the other hand you had the nuke plant which looked clunky, disrupted the action and led to a few pistol kills. Bad use of SFM, bad directing, pointless. 
Oh and the literally over the top knife kill? You can't overwrite an actul frag you're meant to show as a part of a multi kill. That's just wrong. 
And then there were scenes that could've been regular in-game cam scenes. Now they were cam scenes with a bit of extra flair although I suppose they held up the consistency. 

But yea, the movie was fine. Some effect schitzophrenia, music was bland, cutting felt a bit rushed at points but it was mostly basic fragging that worked just fine. 
#12SavagE 13. September 2015 02:43
Wahey, me and paniq are in one live shot :D (its 3:08)

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