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Guess What! Part 2

Written by r on 6. March 2015 00:18

Alright.  Here we are.  For any of the few people who cared about the whole countdown, oncoming storm talk found here, we’ve finally reached the end of it and are ready to divulge the elusive secret behind it’s slowly decreasing numbers.  For those that actually gave forth any sort of excitable interest, I must apologize in advance.  There’s nothing much in this article that will appease your appetite for fine editing.  Well, that’s not completely true.  Last time, a certain announcement resulted in a 30+ minute video that caused many people to laugh throughout its runtime.  So perhaps I’m being too hard on myself.  I’d tell you up front what it is, but first a little anecdote a la Niklas Koep, circa 2007.


There was a time in Style history that forever changed our website and crew.  It was somewhat of an unprecedented thing at the time, as internet-based relationships never bloomed into much of anything other than some good banter and occasional glimpses of pictures of the person you may be talking to.  Catfishing was probably a distant gleam for anybody at the time, though most definitely a surfacing problem that would eventually develop into a television show.  However, teenage boys and young men don’t necessarily gain anything from catfishing their fellow mates, so this is all moot.


Anyway – for the record, we’ll call what we’re talking about as The Event – this Event was a pretty controversial occurrence.  The site became a malfunctioning playground as it spawned some humorous articles and later was the star of a certain mocumentary edited by yours truly.  The Event in question was, of course, The Style Gather.  Niklas Koep made his American debut as Jasper Wiese came back home to visit me at my northeastern apartment in the States.  It was a glorious two-week extravaganza of overall chill things as we generally enjoyed each other’s company and created some everlasting memories.  At the end, we promised we would plan another one.  That was 2007.  As the years went by, we didn’t think we’d ever get the opportunity to partake in another.  My countless efforts to find financing for a trip to Europe was halted by enrolling back in school and general poorness.  Hope was almost lost.


Cue 2015.  7 ½ years go by and discussions between the countries of America and Sweden begin.  Details iron themselves out as plane tickets are bought and Disneyworld passes are purchased.  Candy is packed, camera equipment is stowed away, and editing software is primed.  The Style Gather lives once more.


As I post this article, my near and dear friend Daniel 'xyanide' Hagelin is flying over the Atlantic Ocean with his girlfriend on a crash course towards the southeastern tip of America.  I will be waiting for them in my Japanese pimp ride as midnight rolls around thus thrusting us into the date of Friday, March 6, 2015.  For over a week, my significant other and I will play host to two Sweatish Legends.  CS movies may be viewed.  Filming could be done.  Movies most definitely will be made.  Another “The Style Gather” is upon us.  The clock has hit zero.  Prepare yourself.  The first trailer may be weeks away.


In the meantime, you can grab the special edition banner and plaster your desktop with our faces.  I’m sure nothing would make you happier than turning on your computer and seeing our faces.  Cause we have faces… and they could be on your desktop.


And while you wait for the trailer and subsequent movie, check out the first Style Gather here or watch the trailer below.



#1akidos Style-Productions 6. March 2015 06:56
#2xyanide Style-Productions 6. March 2015 07:24
I'm here, but where the fuck is Tony?
#3r Style-Productions 6. March 2015 08:18
I left that scrub at the airport. S'if some noob editor is worth picking up
#4anjers iceCake 6. March 2015 10:52
Nesb√ł is norwegian tho, but nice idea!
#5Dec HLAE 6. March 2015 11:28
Disappointed you didn't go to Sweden.
#6ripieces HLAE 6. March 2015 11:55
Dec wrote:
Disappointed you didn't go to Sweden.

There is no Disneyland in Sweden, I guess :-)
anthony wrote:
Daniel 'xyanide' Hagelin is flying over the Atlantic Ocean with his girlfriend

Wait what - he has a girlfriend? :OOOO
anthony wrote:
towards the southeastern tip of America

You probably mean southeastern tip of USA, I hope xyanide understood that too, otherwise you would be a few thousands of kilometers appart :P

#7H-L 6. March 2015 13:42
"¬†Another ‚ÄúThe Style Gather‚ÄĚ is upon is.¬†¬†"

= us
#8Oui BartlomiejOtlowski 6. March 2015 14:03
Great news! :D
Come to Europe noob! Even if for you Europe = Paris.
#9pava Style-Productions 6. March 2015 14:08
Europe for him = Oslo
#10spEnc Dead and Buried 6. March 2015 17:58
I have to underline how excited I am to rewatch the first one, I had completely forgotten about it till now!
#11Krpi Neebs 6. March 2015 18:31
Hope you guys have a blast! 
This is a nice warm-up for the eventual Stylecon. 
#12h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 6. March 2015 19:53
Part 3 in July when I'm coming to Florida.
#13atwspoon 8. March 2015 06:20
Ah the first style gather! Congrats guys, hope you have a fun reunion, don't forget they have a loose death penalty in Florida boys  ; )   nothing from The Hangover!
#14praypraz 16. March 2015 13:36
ohh the memories o____o
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