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New Website Features

Written by r on 11. February 2015 02:45

In 2005 when Daniel and Andreas first started to put the brunt of the design work in for our beloved website, there were a few features that escaped their limited clairvoyance. Like, per se, the fact that social media would have such an impact on how we communicate in our personal lives along with the editing community. Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have become resources that are nearly required in order to run a functioning community within today's world. It took us 8 years, but we finally realized that. We also realized we needed a way to advertise the fact that we have accounts on the three aforementioned websites. Our current design appears to limit customization for such a thing, but we've managed to come up with an answer.















































Notice anything different? If you'd casually glance at our full front page, it may have escaped you. However because of my insanely professional cropping abilities, I have focused your attention on something new. Style Social it is called. Thy box is a gateway to our four social media outlets. From Facebook for you News Feed junkies to Steam for you video game nuts, Style is spreading itself across all spectrums of your life and we want visitors to know it. Go ahead... navigate to the home page and click one. I dare you. I double dare you to Like Us. Do it... come on. Everyone else is.


Anyway, there are more exciting things to talk about. Like, per se, the fact that Xyanide has officially passed the 64.9999% mark on his project. Hey, it only took 13 months. At this rate and according to my calculations, we should have the movie by September. That may be wishful thinking...


On a more serious note, we have another new site feature. This one comes to us by way of the efforts of a certain individual who has become one of my favorite Style community members over the past year. He may be a goofball at times, but by God, he has a heart of gold and a work ethic comparable to no one (certainly not Xyanide's, at least). Our main man, Resting Ze Pieces, has been doing behind the scenes work over the last year for our site along with creating some powerful features for CS:GO moviemaking. Other than sponsoring Style competitions, he has also worked on improving the website by adding something that we all probably could use when commenting. Clickable BBCodes are now a part of your experience when discussing with others. You can view the simplistic layout below this wall of text or view the included professionally cropped image.



































So there you have it: Style is making headway with updating the site. All in all, we like it and we hope it makes your experience here enjoyable and convenient. Be sure to include in the comments any additional features you'd like to see on the site. Or we could just make a new site. I wonder if that'll ever happen...

#1xyanide Style-Productions 11. February 2015 04:05
Ripieces is a lovely man! We thank him for all that he has done for us.
#2Christian Style-Productions 11. February 2015 08:41
Thank you R.I.P you are awesome!

Last changed: 11. February 2015 09:46
#3ripieces HLAE 11. February 2015 09:36
I don't think these small changes are news worthy, but thanks and whatever makes you happy :)

Also don't forget that crzyfst did some changes too earlier!
#4destruktor Authentic-Pictures 11. February 2015 09:43
I kinda wanna say I'm up for making it responsive but god damn it's awfully coded. Hell I'd love to recreate all of it with the same design but completely different code, with only a few images.
#5cZF Style-Productions 11. February 2015 15:22
#4 Amen. I actually started doing just that but simply gave up eventually. If you think the front end code is bad, you should see the back end code. It's not a pretty sight.
#6rzyx HLTVorg 11. February 2015 18:04
#7H-L 11. February 2015 20:41
recode should work i say do it
#8destruktor Authentic-Pictures 11. February 2015 23:04
#6 When I get bored at work, I'll give it a shot and recreate the front-end making it responsive. If you guys end up liking it, it's all yours.

EDIT  I just noticed the site has no footer. That's interesting.

Last changed: 11. February 2015 23:06
#9ripieces HLAE 12. February 2015 19:25
destruktor, check your PM.

Last changed: 12. February 2015 19:32
#10ripieces HLAE 14. February 2015 13:49
cRZYFST wrote:
If you think the front end code is bad, you should see the back end code. It's not a pretty sight.

Well I have seen much worse, it's not that bad actually, compared to what bad can be :-D

Last changed: 14. February 2015 13:49
#11cristal iceCake 15. February 2015 19:37

edit: DAMN. My wish for that being a cute avatar still hasnt been fulfilled :<

Last changed: 15. February 2015 19:38
#12ripieces HLAE 16. February 2015 06:59
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