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Discovering Your Why

Written by r on 6. February 2015 04:20

It's an answer that symbolizes the driving force behind every decision in your life. Every thing you do is a culmination of the justification to this query. You can't escape it. It is the reason for your being, your existence. The yin to this yang compels even the least witted of our race to understand the very intricate nuances of our world. We live a life of "why?"

Why are we here? No, not here on this planet, but here in this realm of art. Why did any of you end up here? What drove you to fall inwardly and discover a side that is unquantifiable and without explanation? How did you become the very thing that scares those bound to logic and reason? Why are you even here on this site? You didn't register x number of years ago because it would help you professionally. It didn't aid in gaining monetary achievements. It didn't help you in your educational endeavors. You're not here to become famous. What drove you to become a part of the greatest family on the internet?

Passion. Passion is your "why." Passion is all of our answers to any questions any person could ever ask. Why are we still visiting Style to talk about movies 8.5 years later? What makes us continue to engage each other every day despite the fact that we are adults building families and growing within our respective careers? Passion. Why do we still make gaming movies that transcend the idea of simple "highlight reels" or create immersive graphics that absorb the audience into them? Passion. What motivates us to invest time into creating our artistic form of expression without reciprocity or compensation? Passion. And what is the reason why you walk down the street seeing and hearing all of the beautiful things around you and immediately envision a canvas behind the things engaging your senses? You know...

We've all come together because we've all fallen in love with the same thing: art. Style isn't a gaming movie site anymore. Sure that's been its main focus over the years; but at the same time, it has shifted to incorporate every form of artistic expression imaginable. Teemong has shown us the world of music videos. Oui, Zaknafein, and RavenTL have shown us a world of motion design and animation. Jasper has allowed us to view the most engaging portraits imaginable. Every single one of you has shown us movies made from something we've all seen or heard or worked with before, but you've done something we were unable to do: show us it through your own eyes. Because of our passion, our art, we are able to show the world how we view the same thing differently. It's the most fascinating ability humans have. And one that allows us the make fascinating things.

#1Dec HLAE 6. February 2015 11:19
Good reminder. Especially in today's scene where it's all about the views / money.
#2anjers iceCake 6. February 2015 12:13
Well tbh, I was big fan of jasper's Juvenile movie. It was probably my first favorite movie!
Thats how I ended up on your mirc channel. After that I became a style-groupie.
#3pava Style-Productions 6. February 2015 14:53
classic ;)
#4pava Style-Productions 6. February 2015 14:53
Not a style release, though :OOO
#5anjers iceCake 6. February 2015 15:16
Nah, crystalmedia i think.. But by the time I discovered the movie you had taken the next step up to the big guys! :p
#6xyanide Style-Productions 6. February 2015 15:22
It was a release of a far more superior movieteam at the time ;D

Good writing, Tony! If it were not for passion I would have never come back to this site and make another movie.
#7anjers iceCake 6. February 2015 15:35
It was? :P
I should probably have wrote "a step down" instead then!
#8H-L 6. February 2015 18:51
luving it T! nicely written, I might quote this story/use it for inspiration one day!
#9kindred F-ProductionZ 6. February 2015 23:20
#10r Style-Productions 7. February 2015 00:51
F u
#11kindred F-ProductionZ 7. February 2015 01:03
#12r Style-Productions 7. February 2015 01:20
#13akidos Style-Productions 7. February 2015 08:53
Good read my friend!
#14Zaknafein Style-Productions 7. February 2015 21:07
One of the best Style articles ever written! Great read, Anthony. Very insightful and clever.
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