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Titan Releases VoD by Anthony

Written by r on 16. January 2015 02:20

Since the Reddit AMA release, I've been working with Titan to develop a series I've dubbed "Crucial Clutches" where we take a past clutch and dissect it to show the viewer how it came to be.

It's gone through various stages of development before reaching the final format it's in now. Initially, I chose a more narrative style where i set up the clutch situation through exposition text and accompanying commentary (if available). However, we realized this wouldn't work as a way to show how each variable (the players) fell into place and how the situation unfolded. Below is the initial two day beta I put together for Titan.

KennyS Clutch Beta v1

By watching the final version below, you can see how different the approach was initially. Generally speaking, it was enjoyable to slow down my editing and really analyze a frag scene via video. It was fun to think of interesting ways to approach this task and give the viewer an entertaining artful video that has a scientific undertone to it.

Critically speaking, the video could do with some subdued coloring. I think i went a bit overkill with the glow and dark tone i used for the clip. Additionally, the quality is god awful. Youtube threw a fit when Titan uploaded it and had a hard time formatting it. You'll notice some really bad pixelation. Shouldn't distract, ultimately, as I've received some great feedback from the community regarding the editing approach we took. Enjoy!

#1akidos Style-Productions 16. January 2015 05:24
Good job! Talk about production value. Would have worked just as well without the "TV Simulator" effect though!
#2rzyx HLTVorg 16. January 2015 05:38
Wasn't really my taste Anthony, sorry. Liked the OST though.
#3r Style-Productions 16. January 2015 06:15
Yup. It's a pretty dramatically different approach to showing a frag clip. You either appreciate the unique quality or don't in this case.
#4Dec HLAE 16. January 2015 13:50
Liked the beta clip because of the commentary and the anticipation / build-up. Liked the cam effects in the final clip.
Really hate the slowmotion voice saying "counter-terrorists win" though, either make it just slow enough that you can hear what he says or remove it altogether?

Last changed: 16. January 2015 14:01
#5rzyx HLTVorg 16. January 2015 15:14
#3 I mean, I liked the concept, I just didn't like the way you edited it. Somehow I find looking at a clip made back in 1998 lol.
#6r Style-Productions 16. January 2015 16:35
Yup, that was the concept we were going for. A 90's CCTV/VCR feel that you were watching an old tape of this clutch. Mission accomplished
#7Krpi Neebs 17. January 2015 09:07
Well made and certainly different compared to the usual, very straightforward clips we see.

Will we see all sorts of scenes in this style? I think this sort of exposition would work best by showcasing teamwork and larger tactical moves that win rounds.

For some critique, the problem was that this clip kind of left me asking "all that work for these two frags?". I think you should've kick started the series with a more interesting scene or alternatively really underlined the importance of this match point.
#8shiz 18. January 2015 10:38
a bit too much glow effect on some scenes, otherwise liked it, a great frag
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