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Interview with bKr

Written by r on 5. December 2014 18:39

After winning the Creative Minds Editing Competition, I got a chance to catch up with bKr and ask him a few questions about his movie and plans for the future. You can watch Heavil below before reading the interview.

Some of the interview has been edited for coherency. As put by bKr, "My English isn't good. I'm French."

Anthony: How long have you been making movies and what were your previous releases?

bKr: I've been making movies for 9 years now. I discovered Ruination, Choual History X, Jaegarn: Ennemy of the State and many others movies. I asked myself "Why not me?". I subscribed on where french moviemakers shared their movies. I met some people, especially Sins, whom helped me start making my first clips. In the following years i made a few productions and shared them on the Choual community.

bKr: My first movie was Under French Lines 2, a trilogy started by Sins about random players. He edited the first and the third.

I then made Deep Dive, which is i think one of my biggest productions. It introduced 5 mates and me. The teaser Deep Dive 2 announced the following but the project was cancelled.

I then made Wordlwide and Worldwide 2, two fragmovies about top players. Then bKr's Dive, a little personal fragmovie.

I left the 1.6 moviemaking with a personal fragmovie, bKr - Pass Out. I tried to close the Worldwide trilogy with Worldwide Legends but i cancelled the project leaving only a beta.

Anthony: What was your inspiration for Heavil? What does the title mean?

bKr: I like to have a film approach to begin movies by establishing an ambiance for the viewer. The thing is to captivate the viewer directly by suspense along with showing amazing strategy or actions about the game. After this style of introduction, I then make a "cool" and "rhythmic" part. I selected the most amazing frags i could find and try to make them more attractive by synchronizing them on the song without cutting them as much as possible. I thought the song was one of the best point of the movie but a lot of people didn't like it. About the title: HEAVIL is a mix between heavy and evil. "Heavy" about "big frags", "top players" and "evil" about the dark ambiance.

Anthony: What do you plan to do with the prize money?

bKr: I plan to buy things for my family for christmas and get drunk with my friend :p

Anthony: Any plans for future movies or competitions?

bKr: My next movie will be Pink Panther, animations by RavenTL and edited by me. I want to introduce bloopers and funny actions from top or random players, but i don't know yet. After this, why not another top fragmovie or a personal one :)
#1xyanide Style-Productions 5. December 2014 19:13
Looking forward to see more CS:GO from you! Congrats on your win!
#2Dec HLAE 5. December 2014 20:18
Pink Panther 3... or is it 4 now? ^^
#3RavenTL Elegato 5. December 2014 21:33
#2 everything I made for PP3 is in his hands now.. 10 months waiting for last editor to finish it is too much

now, bKr was able to chose between PP3 and CS:GO, and he decided to try a CS:GO version
#4bKr[ME] 6. December 2014 12:29
thank you guys :)
#5dn1 7. December 2014 13:40
hey man! congrats on the win, i am a long time fan of yours!

keep it up!
#6KrieppeN Airwalk Media 8. December 2014 16:33
congratz bKr :D
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