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Interview with Delirious

Written by r on 3. June 2014 04:35

If you've been a part of the Style family for the past 8 years, you would have noticed a very well-rounded, well-articulated, and personable guy hanging around our forums offering advice, suggestions, and input into the many conversations this site had to offer. His invaluable company was one that kept the mood light and full of positivity throughout the years. Aside from this, he also was one to try his luck at moviemaking in the form of various experimental themes that attempted to offer the audience something dynamic each time. Although he has since moved on from the Style family and began paving his way in the photography world, he still managed to give me an opportunity to catch up with him and see what he's been up to the last few years. Below is my interview with Nikky Delirious Stephen.

The following interview is pieced together from correspondence via private messages and may not reflect the original flow of conversation.

Anthony: Hey Nikky! Long time. How have you been stranger? I wanted to do a little interview with you since you used to be a big part of our community and I'm sure people are interested to know what you've been up to. It would be great to get more exposure for photographers and artist outside the editing realm. I'd like to pick your mind regarding your craft.

Delirious: Hey Anthony! I'm doing great! Summer's started early in Seattle and I'm loving it! Ha, I doubt anyone remembers me from Style, besides you. You've always had a soft corner towards handsome Indian dudes. Admit it.

Anthony: You always knew my weakness for Indian guys. I suppose I want to ask first and foremost how you found your way to America and Seattle.

Delirious: Work brought me here. Longer answer: I was born and brought up in India (the southernmost state). I did all my schooling there as well. Right after I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I was hired by a large Indian software consultancy firm. After about 1.5 years of working in the Business Intelligence (BI) stream in India, I got the opportunity to travel to Seattle to work onsite at a very reputed retail company. That’s what brought me to the US about 5 years ago. I’m still based in Seattle, but quit the Indian firm and I’m currently working for an American company as a Senior BI Developer.

Anthony: *Insert impressed face* What are your hobbies besides photography?

Delirious: I love playing sports. I’m a huge soccer (forced to saying “soccer” instead of “football” after coming to the US), cricket and basketball fan. I play these sports several times a week. I enjoy traveling to (relatively nearby) unique destinations driven primarily by my desire to photograph and capture amazing locations. If I don’t have any photo or video editing projects to work on, I spend my time hanging with friends, catching up on my favorite TV shows and playing FIFA on the Xbox.

Anthony: You used to be a big part of the underground Indian editing scene. Have you ever thought of making another gaming video?

Delirious: Yes, I’ve always wanted to create one masterpiece that I could be really proud of and that could ‘wow’ non-gamers. Never happened. Would I make another video - no.
I started playing CounterStrike when I was in college. I started playing more and more, spending on a lot of time and money at gaming parlors. That’s when I learned about game videos and video editing. I started researching online, learned about Sony Vegas and the other tools and started making CS videos. I loved watching demos and creating videos. That’s when I found out about Style Productions - the best CS game video editors out there and the awesome community (even though Anthony was always a hard ass on me). Anyway, while I loved the video editing scene, I had gotten hooked on to playing the game of CounterStrike. I was addicted to it. My entire life revolved around it. I rarely played other games. So I eventually decided that it was time to call it quits and gave it up completely - cold turkey. That’s when I got the opportunity to come to the US and concentrate on work. I gave up game video editing all together then.

Anthony: Tell me about your history with photography, how you got into it, and what your themes are.

Delirious: I got interested in photography after learning about an internal photography forum at my work place in India. I started posting pictures taken with my cellphone there and slowly the gurus in the forum started encouraging me saying that they can see some talent in me. I, then, purchased my first DSLR camera and got interested in shooting portraits. After a few months, I came to the US to work. This is where my love for photography blossomed. The landscapes, the skies, the waters here were so stunning that I couldn’t resist capturing them in photographs. Since then, landscapes has been my personal favorite genre of photography. I have travelled to some nearby unique places such as Alaska, Hawaii, national parks in Utah and Arizona, etc, to capture photographs. I love long exposure photography. Besides landscapes, I enjoy shooting concerts and portraits. I recently decided to get more serious in photography and I’m now shooting some weddings, portraits, etc., when I get the time. I’ve also started learning videography on my own because film has always been my first love. I am using my game video editing learnings into editing HDSLR footage. One major difference is that I now use Final Cut Pro instead of Sony Vegas since I work on a Mac (and I don’t want to load Windows there). I hope to eventually get to learn more and become a seasoned cinematographer and photographer in the future.
Some personal projects that I am working on include a time-lapse video project shot in different locations in the US and a Seattle Cityscape project. They might see the light of day only after a couple of years though.

Anthony: Your photography career seems like it's just getting started. I'm sure everyone would like a sample of your work. What are your four favorite photographs that you've taken and the website we can find them at?

Delirious: Thor’s Well

Dodge This - Just Milk On Head

Sunrise at O’ahu


And here's my Website.

Anthony: An amazing collection. Thank you so much for your time, Nikky. You've always been a pleasure getting to know and I wish you the best of luck. And please, don't be a stranger on the site. We'd love for you to share your work on the forums.

Delirious: Thanks again for remembering me!


The Hour of Reprisal

The Haunting

Live to Own
#1Zaknafein Style-Productions 4. June 2014 07:51
That's awesome, Tony. Really cool work by Delirious!

You should have asked him how he felt about dying as "the black guy" in SvsC :P
#2shiz 6. June 2014 00:06
watched all those 15min movies of his, totally forgot about him, nice :) i havent read the whole interview tho, i dont know the guy in any way besides his movies, but good effort anthony
#3atwspoon 12. April 2015 05:42
awesome interview, about a really fun guy.

and to comment on "I’ve always wanted to create one masterpiece that I could be really proud of and that could ‘wow’ non-gamers. Never happened."

When I think of Delerious, I think of Dodge This - Just Milk On Head, and The Hour Reprisal. I watched them as soon as they came out, that was the time when waiting for the next cs movie was a big deal and I got really excited. Both of those titles are a part of me paying close attention to the movie scene, and I remember getting quite excited and reveling in the awesomeness that was brought forth. Good job Nikky!
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