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Interview with Daniel 'TFG' Frome

Written by r on 10. May 2014 03:36

As the years progress and we get further from our childhood, the names of yesterday become filed away and forgotten in the depths of movie history. Yet once in a great while, nostalgia digs them up to be recollected and illuminated in the modern era. I had the opportunity to reestablish connection with a past editor that left his mark on the video game editing community in a rather unconventional way.

Those familiar with machinima films will remember him for his dramatic and comedic masterpieces regarding a house in the desert or two clans duking it out on de-dust2. Documentary fans will reminisce of the days when this successful director catalogued and visualized the lives of Complexity during their trip to CPL 2004. His names are few and he wears them appropriately. The internet called him The Family God. The world knows him as Daniel Frome.

Disclaimer: The following interview is derived from email correspondence and may not represent the full conversation or the context it was originally used in due to brevity reasons.

Anthony: My names Anthony. Its been a while, but we were acquaintances a long time ago via common interests in machinima editing. In my free time, I currently help manage the media site Style-Productions and wanted to write an article about your current endeavors. Are you able to give me a short elaboration of the areas you currently immerse yourself in?

Daniel: Hey Anthony, long time no speak! I work for Entertainment Tonight Canada as a staff editor. Working at a TV Network is kind of like being in a bubble - you can't post content to your own site and IMDB doesn't like to fill up your stats if you work on a daily show. That's why there's a bit of a gap in my content from the last 2 years. I'm also a software tester for Avid, working on new versions of their Media Composer software.

Anthony: From your website, I’ve gotten the impression you currently dabble in photography and music. Care to elaborate?

Daniel: I do dabble in photography, although it is strictly for fun (I do not sell any photographs, except for a few that got signed under Getty Images). Music wise, it's probably the area that I've dabbled in the least since my machinima days. I haven't composed a soundtrack for another film since ClanWars. I must admit that I haven't been quite as diligent with machinima on my end.

Anthony: Do you still keep in contact with anyone from the early days of editing?

Daniel: Do you remember Subect2Change from CSFLICKS?

Anthony: Of course i remember him! His tutorials helped me learn moviemaking like 90% of the North American editors!

Daniel: He and I still chat, mostly in the editors subreddit ( He works as an assist editor in NYC now — slowly working his way up the ranks. Sounds like we’re all slowing moving in a good direction!

Anthony: Good to see him working his way up too. He made a huge impact on the editing scene and Im certain there are a lot of gracious people out there due to his help. Send him my regards. It’s great to get back in contact with old friends and see how they are doing in life. You’ve always been supererogatory in your generosity and kindness, so it’s good to see how successful you’ve become. As always, it’s a pleasure to talk again and congratulations on your success.

Militia 2
Complexity: Redemption
Complexity: Armageddon
#1r Style-Productions 10. May 2014 03:48
real great guy. was awesome to hear from him
#2xyanide Style-Productions 10. May 2014 05:00
Never been a big machinima fan, but I can appreciate the work behind it. TFG seems like a cool guy and I wish him the best!

Need to watch those compLexity movies again thou.
#3SavagE 11. May 2014 03:31
militia 2, noice :D
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