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Interview with Ravish

Written by r on 11. April 2014 03:12

In the early days of CS 1.5 and CS 1.6 movies, the American editing scene was working hard to flourish and catch up to the brilliant minds of the Eastern Hemisphere. During that time, many attempted to make an impact and leave their mark as a contemporary artist in the video game movie genre. Few succeeded and others had relatively mediocre success. There was one that took on a style of editing that many tried to mimic and others found distasteful. However no matter your opinion, Andrew "Ravish" Stoneberger truly utilized his ability to immerse the viewer in the action and find beauty in his chaos.

Our long time community member, Austin atwspoon Witherspoon, has allowed us to publish his interview with this relatively unknown American editor as part of his American Series. In it, you will find nostalgia and true passion for something we all once obsessed over. Ravish's ability to capture the feeling we all shared during the "Golden Era" of editing is something that makes this interview worth reading. I implore you to sit back and enjoy.

atwspoon Introduce yourself, what has life been like so far and how does a normal day look like for you? (current day or back when you were movie making)

Ravish The name is Andrew Stoneberger. Go by the tag raVish or more recently raVinat00r. I am 24 as of February 10th. Just had my birthday I currently work as an Air Transportation Journeyman for the United States Air Force. I have been active duty since 2008. I haven't produced much since I joined but I have had a few projects here and there. I still reminisce of the days of old when all I would do is log demos and startmovie 120 alllllll day. It was a blast. I enjoyed it so much. Nowadays I am lucky to have time to have a few beers and play some cs. Back in the day I would go to school and spend all day mapping out that days editing session. What it would look like. What demos I would use. What music I would use and how to match the frags to the beat. I was obsessed with creating something out of thin air. I had lots of great times doing it.

atwspoon When did you first get into playing CS?

Ravish I first started playing Counter-Strike at the age of 15. I had just moved to Seal Beach, CA and was a new kid at Oak Middle School. I quickly made friends with Michael "faBs" Fabro. He invited me to go to a LAN center with him. I remember think, "what the heck is this place? How do I computer???" As I sat down at the helm of the opium den that is a counter-strike lan center (back in those days thats all people played) I entered my first server. It was nothing I have ever played or seen before. I remember constantly getting killed and getting angry over that darn one shot one kill awp. 6 mountain dews, and handful of oatmeal cream pies, and an arsenal of Slim Jims later, I was gettin pretty good. It called to me.

atwspoon When did you first begin editing? When and what inspired you to create media for CS? What were your biggest influences?

Ravish I first stumbled upon editing at the age of 16. I was downloading a file called zex|aimetti by atticus. I wasnt sure what to expect. I didnt know what it was or what I was in for. Once I hit play, I was hooked. I couldnt believe that you could put your counter-strike gametime into this kind of format. Make history and make something creative. I had no idea what was a zex|aimetti or who atticus was. I was still in middle school for crying out loud. But I was hooked. I quickly did some research. Downloaded Vegas Video 4, and got to work. Atticus was my biggest influence. Soon after I watch Ruination and others. I couldn't get enough.

atwspoon How do you plan your movies. Step by step, or are you writing a story?

Ravish Before I even start making my movies. I get a soundtrack down first. A good cs movie has good frags. a GREAT cs movie has a inspiring soundtrack that complements the frags in a way that seems magical. As if those kills were made for the music. Once a soundtrack was made, I would usually splice the best parts together. I though it boring to just let a song start and fade away or end abruptly. I wanted a rollercoaster of intense action-packed sequences and never wanted to slow down. My biggest and most well know movies, the new colony series, was definitely a story I wanted to tell. I was never a famous player, never got into the high rankings of CAL. I wanted to show the world what us underdogs could do. The story of New Colony is about the unknowns, or the fairly unknown, and how they can make their mark on the community. In New Colony 2 I had the famous counter-strike players butt heads with the "New Colony". I wish I could have done some machinima work, but I was young and still hadn't experienced TFG at the time. He really influenced me on using counter-strike as a medium of telling a story.

atwspoon When making a movie, what style did you focus on?

Ravish The style I chose was my own. I didnt even know what people really did or what the norm was back in those days. I really stuck to the music. I would often close my eyes, listen to a great track, and imagine deagle headshots, colt spraydowns, and the sought after double awp kill. It was all I could think of. I can always remember my viewers telling me that they loved my flybys. That was my biggest trademark for a while. Super smooth, intense, and close up. Almost as if I had a real life dolly imported into a virtual world. I was master with the arrow keys. I always loved making my movies into a world unlike counter-strike itself. With intense coloring, quick edits, camera flybys, and graphic design. I wanted to make a mark on the moviemaking community, back then it was just growing out of its infancy. I really loved the raw style I put into my movies. So unrefined yet elegant. I loved the way I made my movies even if others did not. It was a blast making them and watching them time and time again.

atwspoon What programs would you use to create media for CS? How did you learn these programs?

Ravish I started out and always using Vegas Video. I played with photoshop but only used it until much later in my movie-making. particle illusions played a nice part in New Colony for the intro. I used FRAPs only for sound capture, but switched to Sound Forge for a better quality sound later on. The way I learned was trial and error. I dont think i ever once used a tutorial. I fell in love with the computer and software and it was almost a treasure hunt to figure things out on my own. I felt accomplished and proud of my work.

atwspoon Do you have any stories about making your movies you wish to share?

Ravish Some of the coolest things that I ever did with my movie making is work with The Family God briefly. I was testing and making some scenes for New Colony 3 which unfortunately never was released. He did some voice acting for me and it was very self-satisfying to work with him. Like I put myself out there and felt accepted. I loved to collaborate with my good friend at the time Cody "vishus" Lere about movie making as he made movies himself. We were good friends in real life in South Dakota and thats where I really got into my editing. My first real movie was a movie I made about myself. A personal skill video. I loved it.

atwspoon What is your favorite/least favorite movie made by you and why?

Ravish I think my favorite movie I made was my own. I dont know why I guess I can connect and in some selfish self-centered sort of way, i think its cool I was able to turn my own frags into a video. I still love my baby the New Colony series but raVish the Movie was just for me My least favorite was...hmmm...i really dont know. I guess I wouldn't call it my least favorite but its the movie I put the least amount of heart into. That is New Colony 2. Don't get me wrong I loved making it I liked how it turned out, but towards the end. I really just said screw it. Throw some stupid font and graphic motion here and there. We will call it done. I have to say though. I loved the credit scene and the outro. Those were very unique to me and my style.

atwspoon What is your favorite Gaming Movie?

Ravish My favorite gaming movie is probably project: Team 9 by xystus. I always loved that movie. Maybe because it had one of my favorite songs by Linkin Park in the beginning. I think that and the Hard Clan movie were both big inspirations.

atwspoon Who is your favorite Gaming Movie Maker?

Ravish My favorite movie maker will always be atticus. I know he hasn't been on the scene in soooo long. But he is the one who sparked my fire and passion for this. I owe him a huge debt for doing what he did and for taking the time to interact with me down the road. Oh and if you would like me to go into how New Colony Arts was created and the guys in it I can. wasnt sure if this was just about individual movie makers or also about the movie making teams they worked with.also, what made you decide I was good enough or even known enough to think of me at all? its kind of flattering I admit since its been years since I made a mark on the community.

atwspoon Thank you for taking the time to read these questions, and I hope you answer with detail! Many silent fans will take a lot out of learning about the man behind the movie. Cheers!

Famously know for his New Colony series, you can find his work below.

New Colony
New Colony 2
New Colony 3 Beta
#1neyloc neyloc 12. April 2014 01:20
great editor in the american scene at the time, good read I actually made it all the way through it's funny how I can relate to a lot of the shit he would do when he was younger.
#2atwspoon 12. April 2014 14:21
there was no way to compare movie makers when you were in middle school and downloading movies off of or I always thought raVish was just as good as any other top movie maker. But now looking back at New Colony Arts, I can tell that Andrew really deserves a spot at the top. good interview, good guy, congrats!
#3atwspoon 12. April 2014 17:34

New Colony Arts movie

Last changed: 12. April 2014 17:34
#4H-L 13. April 2014 15:54
I was HUUUUGE FAN of his work! I even made a replica trailer to his trailer when I was starting out haha :D

that old trailer :

#5shiz 13. April 2014 18:44
i dont know anything by him except for colony arts, the movie is dope tho. i just skimmed through the interview cuz i dont know the guy too well as i said.
#6SavagE 15. April 2014 03:34
I vaguely remember ravish and rightfully so - he was never a big name and his work is pretty much forgotten. He obviously had the ideas, as evident in the beginning of the interview, but not the know how. And good music? Only the tracks >everyone< was using at the time. Otherwise its some dumb hardstyle tunes that would scare off even the Hard Clan fans.

Last changed: 15. April 2014 03:36
#7H-L 16. April 2014 01:38
fuck you savage, just fuck you.
all respect for the opininas, but fuck you! lol
loved his work at the days i edited myself, would always tune up those tunes!
THIS ROCKS...*tututututu*

ugh i feel like a child again exploring and finding radial blur lol
#8SavagE 17. April 2014 04:58
this kind of music robs you out of your brain cells. Its used to test subwoofers and make people suffer.
#9H-L 17. April 2014 10:49
I should use you to test sub woofers, you deaf punk!!@@

look at me going all angry on the internets
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