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"Revenio" by Zaknafein (for MNPride)

Written by Zaknafein on 15. April 2011 22:16

Here it is.

I haven't made a CS movie since 2006, and that was 1.5 with Zaknafication. Other than that I suppose the Snajdan HS clip was the last time I made anything in CS 1.6

It was really fun to make something with CS again. I had honestly forgotten most of the commands, and I had to learn how to use HLAE and DemoEdit (ah how I miss the good old days when you use the keypad for HLTV). I would definitely do it again, though as I'm very busy I don't know when that would be. Perhaps over the summer?

Anyway, enough talk. You can find links to both my movie and my opponent's movie (wonderwon) here:
MN Pride Fight #306

It's also in the Media section here
#1ReFREsh PEDOBEAR 15. April 2011 22:26
not bad, not bad
#2Dec HLAE 15. April 2011 22:56
I don't see any anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering active.. I suppose you didn't use such settings in your previous movies.

And trying splitstreams I see, did you turn off frame-blending because of that? The movements look very stiff :P
#3george ^^ M-FX 15. April 2011 23:02
nice job

Last changed: 15. April 2011 23:20
#4Zaknafein Style-Productions 15. April 2011 23:09
All this technical mumbojumbo :PI tried to avoid using splitstreams, but used it on the weapon transitions. I don't really see any difference, but then I'm new to all of this :) And antialiasing/anisotroposomething? Pff, record it as I play it, I say :D Remember you are talking to someone who used to make all his movies in cinepak hahaha. Good times.

I feel OLD! Hell, I am old!

Last changed: 15. April 2011 23:31
#5qujon Style-Productions 15. April 2011 23:32
Heeey, I wanna fight too! Who want's to fight me? How do I pick a fight? I'll open a can of woopass.
#6Dec HLAE 16. April 2011 00:00
Spend your motivation on WoL.Style instead :(
#7Georgy Glau MovieNations 16. April 2011 00:18
For a man who don't create a CS movies for 5 years it's a good result.

I like it, good job.
#8r Style-Productions 16. April 2011 00:32
pfffffff, s'if this was even a competition. Espen is clearly superior.
#9slize Elegato 16. April 2011 01:55
you are too old zakna for this shit. Leave it :p
#10Zaknafein Style-Productions 16. April 2011 02:24
Hey, as long as the old people like it, that's what matters :) Us retired people, you know, those guys with walking sticks :P
#11slize Elegato 16. April 2011 02:27
You can't say i'M "young" :p I still respect the work, which you've put into this clip. it surely has to be really hard for your to get your ass back and edit a cs clip. rEspect man :d

You know I love you man.

Last changed: 16. April 2011 02:28
#12SRandal 16. April 2011 02:43
Great job! Very refreshing.
#13atwspoon 16. April 2011 04:14
OH WOW. these small minute technical flaws in your movie make all of your effort just worthless. I hate this movie so much, because you didn't use anti-aliasing and you didn't perform splitstreams flawlessly. I hope you lose the competition!!!1!!

>: [

^frowny face because of how awful this short movie is and how it makes me mad.

Last changed: 16. April 2011 04:14
#14r Style-Productions 16. April 2011 04:34
worst attempt at sarcasm...ever :)
#15spunge spunge 16. April 2011 04:39
i thought he was serious
#16atwspoon 16. April 2011 04:53
haha no I think Zanka did an outstanding job with that. Personal taste set aside, there is nothing I could improve upon his short movie.
#17spunge spunge 16. April 2011 13:00
i think more than 30fps is kinda important for movies these days, i wouldn't call it personal taste

movie was very old school, in good and bad ways
#18shiz 16. April 2011 14:42
that's the kind of movies i wanna watch.
#19r Style-Productions 16. April 2011 23:57
gratz zakna
#20Georgy Glau MovieNations 17. April 2011 00:31
Easy win, congratulations.

Last changed: 17. April 2011 00:32
#21pray Kyoto 17. April 2011 10:36
haha that thing with the camera moving into the player and then switching to first person feel so 2004 :D
#22snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 17. April 2011 22:23
haha, i love it :) it's clean and organized. and in movies like this, you actually tend to enjoy the frags rather than getting disturbed by so many filters and fx. And when i watched the opponents vid after Zak's, the "new-age" movie really had no soul.. it was like.. a pink glossy CD player with hanna montana, vs. a good old turtles figure you had lying around in yer basement.
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