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Style Pride

Written by r on 13. April 2011 00:40

I told Espen that I was going to write an article about him regarding his recent entry into MN Pride and asked if there was anything specific he wanted me to put in it.

The man wrote me a novel.

I mean, look at his profile. There's enough there to fill an autobiography... hell, it IS an autobiography. Good god. For the most modest person I know, he loves to write about himself. Ha Ha. Just playing dude.

Zaknafein has returned to frag movies during his few weeks off from life in general and decide to enter into Movienation's movie league. He made a challenge to the scene to "fight" against him using a remixed song from one of his favorite groups, Ott. To his surprise, someone accepted and he must now make his first frag movie since 2006.

Espen has expressed interest in learning something from today's advanced age of editing tools, but he has stated that he also hopes to bring back the thing 90% of today's editors lack.... feel. As we all know, Espen has never been an innovator in the FX field, but let us not forget who made Eolithic, the most influential tribute video in the CS movie scene...

Support Espen and Style as they make their first entry into MN Pride.
#1Dec HLAE 13. April 2011 02:45
wonderwon whining about hacked demos? :EEE
#2Zaknafein Style-Productions 13. April 2011 03:19
The frags are quite crap, but the demos aren't bad and I don't see any hax. I'm gonna finish my movie regardless.
#3atwspoon 13. April 2011 03:37
oh dang, Zakna coming back into the scene... what amazing "feel" will he bring? :D
#4Cloud8 13. April 2011 12:43
we alll know who whole style will vote for if there is an member vote thing :P
#5rzyx HLTVorg 13. April 2011 15:05
Considering that the song is exactly the style of Zakna, it will be lulz :D:D:D

#6bKr[ME] 13. April 2011 21:27
hehe amazing fight, go go :)
#7Georgy Glau MovieNations 13. April 2011 23:10
Gogo Zakna!
#8Zaknafein Style-Productions 14. April 2011 17:02
I was watching some of the previous fights. So many editors use campaths, excessive effects, and they try to sync every single beat if they can.
I prefer syncing the atmospheric parts of a song and use fx and cams to augment the movie, I suppose that's why my editing style is somewhat slow.
Seems like there are tons of editors who all edit the same way: fast, shiny, and all over the place.
#9pava Style-Productions 14. April 2011 17:57
true that. i always looked at my editing style as an extension of yours
#10DreaM__ 14. April 2011 18:00
good luck :)
#11Zaknafein Style-Productions 15. April 2011 13:18
My movie is finished. I will post links and stuff tomorrow when the deadline has passed, though feel free to check Pride before then if you want.
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