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The World vs Korea

Written by daniel on 30. March 2011 00:40

The World vs Korea

Long time no see. Just wanted to highlight the very exciting World Championship going on over at Korea for StarCraft 2.
StarCraft is the most televised sport in Korea and they have the World Record for largest live audience in eSports history at
120 000 people.

Korea has been dominating the scene of eSports and StarCraft for over a decade now, today however... that might change in the Worlds first Team Battle between Korea and the Foreigners.

The best 8 Non-koreans Vs. the best 8 Koreans in a Team Battle that might change the way Koreans look upon us foreigners.
You can watch it here in HD for Free with English commentators:

Day 1 (Click on Set 2 below the video to go to the next match):

Day 2 (Click on Set 2 below the video to go to the next match):

#1h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 30. March 2011 01:13
It is crazy how big it has become. Btw. great to hear from you again Daniel. Oh and awesome gif.
#2r Style-Productions 30. March 2011 03:25
hey stranger. great article. hilarious gif
#3snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 30. March 2011 05:13
gif win alright! I don't play SC, but I find these championships interesting now when the world's biggest troll, "Athene" has marked himself as the alpha leader in that game. You know, the guy from WoW, who makes crazy videos on youtube? Well, he recently took up SC2 to show the world how big of a gaming god he is. So he started out, and a few weeks later he beat 4 insanes (or whatever) single-handed, and he's just pissing over the whole SC Community with his egotrippin trollshit! I for one would like to see him go 1on1 with korea or something :)
#4atwspoon 30. March 2011 09:06
good read! thanks Daniel. my girlfriend still does not believe Korea has tv channels dedicated to a video game... lol.
#5pray Kyoto 30. March 2011 11:29
haha the dude in the gif is one hell of a sexy motherfucker
#6Dec HLAE 30. March 2011 11:33
no homo of course?
#7erlendn Dead and Buried 30. March 2011 12:03
#5 hes a vegetarian, but you might be able to trick a piece of meat into him

ot: awesome play by dimaga

Last changed: 30. March 2011 12:42
#8ReFREsh PEDOBEAR 30. March 2011 14:59
The World vs Korea sounds so..epic, like a new Bollywood movie or something
#9Cloud8 30. March 2011 20:18
is there A LIVE STREEAAMAMM??? i never seen this game(i know WTF RIGHT?) but i always like the hype commentators etc haha so i hope theres an english stream some where? and when is it?
#10Cloud8 30. March 2011 20:47
holy shit that tt guy got owned in the first ...5mins? haha im rooting for korea eventhough ive never played/seen this game :P i like how asians commit to something so hardcore hahaha
how much do they/world have to win to win the whole thing?5/8? 5/9?
#11daniel Style-Productions 30. March 2011 21:46
It's best of 15
#12Cloud8 30. March 2011 23:18
yay for korea !!!! that was awesome i kinda understood troughout what they were saying and it made it allloooot more fun :)
#13erlendn Dead and Buried 31. March 2011 11:40
# 9 or check for restreams
#14Cloud8 31. March 2011 20:14
i already watched them all, thought this wasn't over yet haha my bad
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