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Congrats Austin Witherspoon!

Written by r on 20. March 2011 23:35

Another competition put in the record books and another winner set in stone. Out of the near 17,000 possible contestants, one person was left to pour his blood, sweat, tears, and charisma into a community that has long abandoned itself. We salute you atwspoon for everything you do.

As a result of this lone rangers submission, I managed to catch up with this renaissance man and conducted a quick interview regarding the competition. What you will find may shock you.

Anthony Hi Austin. Congrats! Out of the 16721 potential contestants, you had enough ability, skill, motivation, and humanity to beat every single one of them because you...simply put... do not suck at life. How do you feel right now?

Witherspoon Well, I feel really excited! I have this tingling sensation... you know like right after you've been bitten by a radioactive spider. To be honest, I feel quite powerful: I beat a Style competition!!

Anthony Yes, you did. And you are quite amazing to have the patience to even submit something to it. Little do people know is that I actually had a secret prize awaiting the winner as sort of an experiment to see what kind of people infested our community. It seems that people are as greedy as they look. How do you feel about this piece of news

Witherspoon Wait, we all entered this competition for the glory and bragging rights correct? You even posted there will not be prizes awarded! What could you possibly give us, when all we worked for was out of the goodness of our hearts? I am shocked. I am not even sure if I'm ready to accept such a prize.

Anthony Yep, i figured i'd reward the people who took genuine interest in the community for once. i'll need your home address if you feel comfortable giving it to me. of couse it wont be included in the public interview

Witherspoon haha. well I'm intrigued, but sure why not. Its xxxxx xxxxxxxx... kansas, USA. I sure did not expect to ever win anything... I was hoping the whole time... what pava might make, what spunge might make... like all these big names who know what they're doing.

Anthony Well unfortuntately, people are too ready to complain about such trivial things than have fun with something. We appreciate your time and enthusiasm. I personally know you even tried getting your girlfriend, brothers, and friends to join in the competition. it's great to see true spirit come from a member. I salute you. Any last remaining words or shoutouts?

Witherspoon Well thank you. I am just a fanboy, trying my best at this design hobby, surrounded by all this talent. It's always a joy to hop on the site and see a new project revealed. I do not have any other outlets of such raw, underground talent, with the added touch of having casual communication with these people via forums and guestbook posts. I hope to try out for whatever competitions come up in the future!

Great job once again Austin. You should expect your prize in the mail within the month. Thank you again for your efforts to participate and further promote genuine interest in our community.

You can get his inspiring work regarding the industrial age's impact on mother nature here.
#1Dec HLAE 20. March 2011 23:42
Wait, what? The only participant?
#2spunge spunge 21. March 2011 00:05
hahaha, oh well, as you said it was for fun. It didn't work out as planned, we can all move on..

If nothing else it was worth it for this write up :D

congrats atwspoon
#3Georgy Glau MovieNations 21. March 2011 00:20
Really impressive work, gratz!
#4atwspoon 21. March 2011 06:02
haha I hope you aren't being sarcastic! Thank you. I don't think something of my quality would have normally won a Style competition... I'm sure spunge here would have blown me out of the water :p but I enjoyed what I did. Thanks again.
#5pray Kyoto 21. March 2011 08:23
haha i love you anthony
#6cheb__ MovieNations 21. March 2011 08:31
:D congratz
#7atwspoon 21. March 2011 19:03
thanks cheb -__-

my only problem with this contest, is I'm 90% sure Anthony is sending me anthrax as the prize..
#8george ^^ M-FX 21. March 2011 19:11
gratz :P =)
#9msthavoc opima 21. March 2011 20:29
great gfx work ;)
#10Nem 23. March 2011 22:13
harpoooooooon :) Good job!
#11h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 25. March 2011 19:07
I love Austin!
#12Cloud8 27. March 2011 22:02
nem : what?
#13Dec HLAE 29. May 2011 16:53
What was the secret prize?
#14Dec HLAE 3. June 2011 12:18
Epic answer, love000.
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