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MN Pride

Written by r on 7. March 2011 09:09

I'm surprised... actually, dare I say, excited? "Excited for what?" you may ask. Well, a certain media site has done the impossible in today's community.

Not to steal any credit from MovieNations, but i'd like to dive into the Style Private Forum for a split second. A long, long time ago when Style was blowing up the scene with its newly opened website, 7 guys brainstormed multiple ideas of what to do with their community. Should we release a team-wide, 8 man film showcasing the many editing talents of Style Productions including 3D models of our scanned faces and our own soundtrack composed by Pronobozo? Ah, if only Pronobozo didnt disappear and kill our motivation for such an undertaking. Then there was the ultimate idea in competitions; create a tournament, or league, where editors battled against each other for pride, glory, and maybe some sponsored prizes. Again, the plague that is the Style Motivation Killer struck us and we never got the project off the ground. However, 5 years later MovieNations takes the reigns and realizes what could quite possibly be the thing that could re-energize the scene.

I'm excited, or dare I say, surprised at how well the community is taking to this competition that MN has set up. It seems there is a lot of interest by the members and participants and the movies being made are entertaining and clean to say the least. I have taken a look at the competitors and can honestly say I only recognize 2 of the contestants out of 15-20+. It may be that i'm just not up-to-date as to who is making films these days, but it doesn't seem like many big names have shown interest. However, that does not take away from the fact that MN has sparked a movement to bring revitalized competition to the forefront and take action against a dying breed.

Show the world what you got.
#1atwspoon 7. March 2011 09:23
don't overdue yourself with articles Anthony, don't want you getting arthritis from all this typing ^-^
#2r Style-Productions 7. March 2011 09:57
#3slize Elegato 7. March 2011 12:00
Thats such a wonderful idea. At first I wasnt quite sure how it gona looks like but now it is getting more popular each week and as You said Anthony - movies are quite entertaining, not all of them ofcourse. I saw some good stuff, waiting for more.
#4Dec HLAE 7. March 2011 12:50
Almost every participant is RussianLOL, that's probably why they are all unknown, I don't even know 'em.

As I hate working with deadlines, I will probably never participate, at least not within the upcoming months.
#5Hildesheimer 7. March 2011 15:24
"Should we release a team-wide, 8 man film showcasing the many editing talents of Style Productions including 3D models of our scanned faces and our own soundtrack composed by Pronobozo?"

that would be quite interesting to say the least. make sure you'll get it done, ya?
#6Georgy Glau MovieNations 7. March 2011 17:37
Nice article, thanks.
Let's fight, guys ;)
#7slize Elegato 7. March 2011 19:38
#4 there are some Polacks
#8Georgy Glau MovieNations 9. March 2011 23:44
Added a news section :]
#9snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 11. March 2011 17:23
#10Georgy Glau MovieNations 12. March 2011 21:51
Week#4 ended.

Check this movies:

by kraddy - Movie of the week
by olovo
by zoidmf
by Rambov
#11h y t e x Authentic-Pictures 16. March 2011 16:03
Some of the rules are insane.
"If you accept request and then cancel fight - you will be banned for 1 month."
#12r Style-Productions 16. March 2011 19:35
hahahahahahahaha, wtf?
#13Georgy Glau MovieNations 16. March 2011 19:38
For what reason somebody accept request and then cancel it?
#14r Style-Productions 16. March 2011 22:09
maybe their grandpa died. or they realized they have a test they have to study for... or perhaps their friends want to hang out?
#15Georgy Glau MovieNations 17. March 2011 00:08
If happens something bad - of course we understand that and don't give ban.

Just when someone accept request and then cancel fight - fight deleted and user who create request... He just lost time. And this thing someone can uses in bad purposes.

And last: we consider each situation separately, and not give bans to the left and to the right just like that :)

Last changed: 17. March 2011 00:09
#16r Style-Productions 17. March 2011 00:35
seems fair
#17Georgy Glau MovieNations 20. March 2011 01:59
Week#11 (for year score) ended.

Check this movies:

4th dimension by procek (CS1.6)
movie by PANIq (CS1.6)
Cooller vs Avekkk by GGSh0w (QL)

And of course movie of the week - Clocks by dESTRUKTOR

Last changed: 20. March 2011 02:07
#18cheb__ MovieNations 20. March 2011 20:51 new trailer ^^

Last changed: 20. March 2011 20:51
#19Georgy Glau MovieNations 1. April 2011 16:37
Design updated.
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